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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Press Release: Democracy For The Greater Glens Falls Area Endorses Acting Mayor And Councilman-At-Large Jack Diamond For Mayor
At a special session of it's Executive Steering Committee, Democracy For The Greater Glens Falls Area endorsed Acting Mayor and Councilman-At-Large Jack Diamond for election as the next Mayor of the City of Glens Falls.

Glens Falls DFA had suspended making an endorsement earlier because of the confusion generated when City Democrats split over who was to replace Mayor Leroy Akins when he died.

*As Councilman-At-Large, Jack Diamond has been filling in as Mayor for the better part of a year, due to the illness of Mayor Leroy Akins. *As Councilman-At-Large, he is the only candidate who has been elected city-wide.
*With eleven years on the Council, Jack has the most experience to bring to bear, and is most up to date on City issues and what is going on.
*Jack Diamond has been working for the financial interests of City residents and taxpayers: his new budget contains no hike in City taxes.
*As Councilman, Councilman-At-Large and Acting Mayor, Jack has been working hard on economic development of the City, especially the Tech Meadows project, which has been in process for several years.
*As Mayor he is committed to working hard on neighbor issues like code enforcement, water and sewer line repair and replacement, streets and sidewalks.

Former Glens Falls Councilman-At-Large Richard Dudley, who is a Steering Committee member, added his unique perspective to Diamond's candidacy along with his personal endorsement:

"Downtown Glens falls is doing well but not the neighborhoods . Newcomers looking at the city ask two questions 1) What are the taxes? and 2) What is the quality of life? Taxes are high and the neighborhoods are in trouble. These are the basics, the foundations the city rests on. I understand Jack intends on focusing on fundamentals. Without those fundamentals there is no good foundation for development."

During his term in office, Dudley was the highest elected Democrat between Albany and the Canadian border.

Even though he is not actually on the Democratic line, Jack Diamond is the Democratic candidate in this race, and the best hope for a progressive agenda in Glens Falls. Glens Falls DFA believes Jack deserves a chance to show what he can do in the one year remaining in Leroy Akin's term. He has also been endorsed by Ward Two Councilmember Judy Villa-White now that she has withdrawn from the race. Glens Falls DFA calls on all area Democrats to rally around Diamond.

Democracy For The Greater Glens Falls Area is part of a nationwide constellation of local activist groups following the leadership of Democracy For America of Burlington, Vermont, which was founded by former Presidential candidate and Vermont Governor Howard Dean after he suspended his Presidential campaign in 2004. DFA is committed to supporting progressive candidates and causes, resisting right wing extremism and restoring our American community.

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