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Monday, June 29, 2009
Tricounty DFA Update: Meeting Reminder & Much More
Hello Everyone!

First, by the time you read this, U.S forces will have completed the first step in withdrawing from Iraq-- leaving the cities. It has taken a long time, but something we worked hard for is finally starting to happen. There will be cause for real celebration this Fourth of July.

In this update for June 29th, 2009:

1. Greater Glens Falls DFA Meeting Wednesday
2. Rep. Murphy Opens GF Office Tuesday
3. Where Is Murphy On Healthcare?
4. Meltdown in Albany: Time For A Constitutional Convention?
5. Wealth Transfer
6. Rockhill Progressive FIlm Fest & Calendar

1. Greater Glens Falls DFA Meeting Wednesday
Democracy For The Greater Glens Falls Area will have its July meeting on Wednesday, July 1st, at 7pm at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe. Quite a bit has happened in the last month-- the complete disintegration of the State Senate, as only one example-- which raises prospects of action we should be considering, which will be touched on in the following items.

The Cafe is on the corner of Elm Street and Hudson Avenue, one block west of the roundabout in downtown Glens Falls.

2. Rep. Murphy Opens GF Office Tuesday

In case everyone didn't receive it-- Rep. Murphy sent out an automated message today announcing the official opening his Glens Falls Office, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30th from 10am -11am at 136 Glen Street in downtown Glens Falls. The public is invited to attend and Rep. Murphy and his staff will be there to answer questions and discuss issues.

3. Where Is Murphy On Healthcare?

If you are able to go, you might want to ask where Rep. Murphy stands on heathcare reform. Dick, Al and others have called the office or visited with Rep. Murphy and have been told he has not made up his mind on whether he is for opt-in or single payer, which, obviously, most of us would prefer. We will be discussing action on this Wednesday, particularly a DFA petition delivery.

In fairness, Murphy does deserve to be cut some slack because, unlike members of Congress elected in November, he did not have three months to get ready. But this is an extremely important issue and it's time he makes this his top priority.

As Dick notes, "I hope you all saw Howard Dean's last announcement on health care: " We are here; we're not going away. We voted for change a few months ago. We expect change. And if we don't get it, there's going to be more change." - Gov. Howard Dean, M.D. (June 25, 2009)"

4. Meltdown in Albany: Time For A Constitutional Convention?

I am sure I am not the only one appalled and disgusted by the meltdown in the State Senate. There's an excellent piece in the NY TImes on this that I recommend:

When will we, the voters, decide we have had enough of this humiliation and disgrace?

It may be that a Constitutional Convention is the only answer. Gov. Patterson says he would rather have campaign finance reform, but will this crew ever do that? We need a wide range of changes, not little fixes, from Clean Money Clean Elections to filling all vacancies by special elections-- starting with Lt. Governor, including special election primaries. We may discuss calling for a convention, as well.

5. Wealth Transfer

The most "must read" piece I have seen lately is this piece on the Huffington Post by Marshall Auerback of the Roosevelt Institute -- "Risk of Major Social Upheaval Likely if Bank Bonanza Continues" Auerback makes a powerful case we are witnessing the largest regressive transfer of wealth in the history of the country in the present bank bailout, and that we are risking an explosion when the public realizes what has happened.

Is this the change we were told we could believe in?

There's more like this at the Roosevelt Institute that are worth a read:

6. Rockhill Progressive FIlm Fest & Calendar

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's Progressive Film Festival and other events continues:

RI JUL 3 7:00 pm SUMMER FAMILY FILM FESTIVAL Films the Whole Family Will Enjoy. Free.
THE RUTLES: ALL YOU NEED IS CASH Eric Idle, Gary Weis (1978)
A hilarious send-up of the myth and reality--mostly the myth--of the Beatles. Created by Monty Python's Eric Idle and produced by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE creator Lorne Michaels, this mockumentary contains cameos from Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, Ron Wood, Bill Murray, and even one of the mocked himself, George Harrison. To make the comedy all the more exciting, this version was banned from United States television. Songs include: "Hold My Hand," "Number One," "Love Life," "Living in Hope," "Get Up and Go," "Cheese and Onions," "Doubleback Alley," and many others. It is not a stretch to say that without THE RUTLES--ALL YOU NEED IS CASH, there might never have been a SPINAL TAP.
WED JUL 8 7:00 pm UPSTATE GREENS MEETING (Glens Falls at Rock Hill) All are welcome
The second Wednesday of each month, area Greens get together to discuss politics and organize local events, actions, protests and rallies and to aid independents running for office. Local events to support Single-Payer Health Care will be on the agenda. Email for carpool information.
THU JUL 9 7:00 pm OPEN MIC NIGHT hosted by our very own Cory Avon. Sing, play, read or just watch and listen. Free.
FRI JUL 10 7:00 pm SUMMER FAMILY FILM FESTIVAL Films the Whole Family Will Enjoy. Free.
ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST Sergio Leone (1969)
Morton (Gabriele Ferzetti), the power-hungry owner of a railroad company, hires Frank (Henry Fonda, playing against type), a gunfighter without a conscience, to kill anyone who stands in the way of the completion of the railroad. After Frank murders land owner Brett McBain (Frank Wolff), McBain's widow (Claudia Cardinale) hires two killers of her own to protect her and gain revenge: a mysterious, harmonica-playing desperado (Charles Bronson) and his rogue sidekick (Jason Robards). Using techniques previously unseen in the genre, Sergio Leone utilizes close-ups, color, and Ennio Morricone's trademark score to create a tense and somber meditation on death which is widely considered to be one of the best westerns in cinematic history. Soon-to-be legendary Italian directors Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA) and Bernardo Bertolucci (THE LAST EMPEROR) collaborated with Leone on the screenplay.

Thanks everyone! See you all Wednesday,


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