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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Thursday, October 16, 2008
Tricounty DFA Pre-election Update
Hello Everyone;

In This Update For October 16th, 2008:

1. Glens Falls Mayor's Race
2. Vigil Saturday 11am
3. Obama Actions
4. Single Payer Healthcare
5. Who Grew The Economy & War Crimes
6. Saturday Night Progressive Film Fest

1. Glens Falls Mayor's Race

The Glens Falls mayor's race became a confused affair when City Democrats split over who was to replace Mayor Leroy Akins when he died. In effect, we had a primary and a general election combined in one race, with two Democrats on different lines.

Now, however, with the sudden withdrawal of Councilmember Judy Villa-White, there is only one Democrat running: Acting Mayor Jack Diamond. As Councilman-At-Large, Jack has been filling in as Mayor for the better part of a year. Further, as Councilman-At-Large, he is the only candidate who has been elected city-wide. With eleven years on the Council, Jack has the most experience to bring to bear, and is most up to date on City issues and what is going on. No one should doubt that Jack has been working very hard and it should be no surprise he was the clear winner of the recent TV-8 debate.

Because this race opened up too late for a primary, we were not able to make a formal endorsement between the two Democratic candidates. However, there is no longer any issue: even though he is not actually on the Democratic line, he is THE Democratic candidate in this race, and the best hope for a progressive agenda in Glens Falls. Jack deserves a chance to show what he can do in the one year remaining in Leroy Akin's term. All Democrats need to rally around him,

2. Vigil Saturday 11am

There will be the usual rally for peace and to bring our troops home this Saturday, October 18, from 11am until Noon at the corners of Bay, Glen and South Streets in downtown Glens Falls, in front of the Civil War monument. Please come and bring a sign and a friend. If necessary, we will rally at the roundabout instead.

3. Obama Actions

With the final debate a clear win for Obama, the presidential race is in the final stretch. However, we should take nothing for granted! There are area Obama activities on tap:


If you are in a position to go out of state, the Albany For Obama group is organizing a pair of canvassing trips:

"Scranton Canvassing: October 18th-20th"

"This weekend we will be canvassing in PA to help win the Keystone state. We will be leaving early Saturday morning at 7am from HQ. As always, housing will be provided by the campaign. Sign up and details here:

"Ohio Canvassing Trip: October 24th-26th"

"On Friday afternoon we have a bus leaving from Crossgates mall to campaign in Ohio over the weekend. We have 42 spots left to fill for campaigners who will play an integral role in winning the Buckeye State! We are asking for $50 donations to help cover the cost of the bus. Housing will be provided by volunteers in Akron. RSVP below. Or call 434-0944 to sign up today. Since volunteers are providing houses, if you sign up online please indicate if you have any allergies to pets."

You can also sign up at the Obama website to go to Pennsylvania and work for change separately:

Moveon also sent out this appeal:

"The Obama campaign particularly needs volunteers in Claremont, New Hampshire this Saturday—so if you can, please click below to sign up!"


If you can't travel, you can still call. By registering, you are given instructions and an interactive list of names to call out of state-- the website is terrific, very easy to use, you go down a list of names, and click off the response:


Needless to say, they still have to raise money. This need is actually intensified by the fact Obama-Biden are competitive in more states. For instance, Obama is now competitive in North Carolina, and just opened 40 local offices. This extra effort costs a lot of money!

4. Single Payer Healthcare

Despite the election, issue advocacy continues. 68% of the American people now support a single payer healthcare system. I recently received this important request:

"HR676 ( The U.S. National Heath Insurance Act ) has more co-sponsors (supporters) than any other in the House or Senate. But because of the new house rules, six more co-sponsors are needed to to hold Congressional hearings on this legislation. Now is the time to pressure our legislators in the house that have not signed on to step up. Senator Obama has said if this legislation were to come across his desk as president, that he would sign it.

"Please contact your representative and encourage him/her to stand-up for the health of America and co-sponsor HR676. Also, encourage those running for office in your state and local community, to support HR676."

"It's Possible and It's Time, Mona Marlow FMI:

I would note that regional Democratic Representatives Hinchey, McNulty and Welch have signed.

Contact your member of Congress at: (202) 224- 3121 or

5. Who Grew The Economy & War Crimes

There are a couple of fascinating things I have to pass along:

This graphic at the NY TImes on which party caused the greatest increase in the wealth of the nation is astonishing. According to the Times,
"As of Friday, a $10,000 investment in the S.& P. stock market index* would have grown to $11,733 if invested under Republican presidents only, although that would be $51,211 if we exclude Herbert Hoover’s presidency during the Great Depression. Invested under Democratic presidents only, $10,000 would have grown to $300,671 at a compound rate of 8.9 percent over nearly 40 years."

Also, next year could be interesting-- Bush administration officials were apparently aware from the beginning they were committing war crimes, which is why they were alarmed at the prosecution of Chilean dictator Piniochet. Many current Republican office holders may never be able to leave the country without being arrested:

6. Saturday Night Progressive Film Fest

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe Saturday Night Progressive Film Fest continues with the not to be missed SICKO!

SICKO (2007) Michael Moore 113 min. RT Rating = 93 %
focus on ordinary Americans affected by the nation's health-care crisis. After providing some historical background on how our nation's medical care system became so ravaged and unfair, Moore interviews a series of individuals and families who have had their lives all but destroyed by the denial of care in the service of profit. While there are two sides to the gun-control debate and even a legitimate discourse for how to best wage the war on terror, it's simply impossible to justify how a baby girl can wind up dead because her mother's health insurance wasn't accepted at a nearby hospital. Moore smartly allows this and other stories to be told with little or no interference, conjuring strong feelings of empathy, rage, and deep sadness. Moore visits countries that have universal health care--spectacularly so when he takes several World Trade Center workers to Guantanamo Bay (and then to Cuba) to receive health care that they were denied in the United States--and presents a compelling argument for adopting a similar system in the States. Moore's ultimate purpose here is to compel Americans to care for one another, and it's a simple request that shockingly must be made via a major motion picture, making SICKO essential viewing.

Thanks everyone!


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