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Friday, September 12, 2008
Tricounty DFA Update: Saratoga!, Vigil, Muller Fundraiser, Appalling Palin, more
Hello Everyone:

First, major congratulations to Democrats For Change in Saratoga Springs!
The Spa City's team of progressive, clean government Democrats led by former Mayor Val Keehn won a huge victory Tuesday in their quest to revitalize the Democratic Party there, including the reelection of Shawn Thompson as State Committeeman. Even former Public Works Commissioner Tommy McTygue lost his seat.

There were those who raised questions as to who really represented rank and file Democrats in Saratoga Springs, and indeed, much of our area. On one hand there were what we might call the accommodationist Bruno Democrats, on the other, the modern, progressive grassroots party that has been steadily growing for years, but especially after Gov. Dean's campaign began in 2003. I think this pretty decisively settles the issue.

In This Update For September 11th, 2008:

1. Vigil Saturday, 11am Downtown Glens Falls
2. Ian McGaughey For Assembly House Party, Saturday, September 13
3. Bob Muller Fundraiser, September 26th
4. Frightening Palin Interview & Transcript
5. Imperial Overstretch & More Lakoff On Framing The Election
6. Friday Night Film Fest

1. Vigil Saturday, 11am Downtown Glens Falls

There will be another vigil for peace and to bring our troops home this Saturday, September 13th, from 11am until Noon at the corners of Bay, Glens and South Streets in downtown Glens Falls, in front of the Civil War Monument. Please bring a friend and a sign, if you wish, and stay tuned for weather alerts, etc.

2. Ian McGaughey For Assembly House Party, Saturday, September 13

Mary Silltch extends this invitation:

"Hi! We're having a house party so everyone can meet Ian McGaughey, our candidate for Assembly.
Do come and join us, 5 - 7 pm, Saturday, September 13, at the Silitches, 10272 Route 22,
North Granville.

RSVP to 642-9410 or

3. Bob Muller Fundraiser, September 26th

There will be a fundraiser for Supreme Court Candidate Bob Muller on September 26th at the Fort William Henry Hotel in Lake George. The event is from 5:30 to 8:30pm, and includes complimentary hors d' oeuvres and entertainment by Susy Q, with a cash bar.

There is a contribution of $50/75 per couple. Please RSVP to 793-2535, 792-6516, or 792-0915. Or send contributions to Thomas McDonough, Campaign Treasurer, 1088 Lake George Rd., Queensbury, NY 12804.

4. Frightening Palin Interview & Transcript

Sarah Palin gave her first press interview today to Charles Gibson of ABCNEWS. It's obvious she is very bright and carries herself well. However, a partial transcript now online reveals something really startling for a candidate for national office; Palin clearly had no idea what the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war is. That's a scary view of how unprepared she is:

5. Imperial Overstretch & More Lakoff On Framing The Election

Kevin Phillips may be our most prescient and salient commentator and historian, and he has an article out today on the consequences of America's Middle East misadventure that is one of best "must reads" in some time. Phillips says that "imperial overstretch" that destroyed previous great powers like Britain, the Netherlands and Spain is now collapsing the American economy, and we see the results everyday.

Dick also spotted this piece and passes this quote along:
"...swing voters are right to see Republican John McCain as the nominee most likely to promote military and geopolitical overreach without any serious attention to its economic costs and dangers. "

Also, linguist George Lakoff has written a new article on framing the election, addressing why the Obama campaign seems to have gotten off message-- it's one of his best pieces in a long time, and relevant to almost any campaign:

6. SATURDAY Night Progressive Film Fest

Important Note: The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe has moved its Friday Night Progressive Film Festival to Saturday. The series continues this Saturday with:

SOLDIERS IN THE ARMY OF GOD (2005) Marc Levin & Daphne Pinkerson 71 min. RT Rating = N/A
A rare, inside look at some of the leaders and soldiers in training of the most extreme anti-abortion group in the United States, The Army of God. This film candidly explores the reasons why these people advocate terrorist tactics, such as bombing clinics and killing doctors and looks at the chilling effect this violence has had on abortion providers.

Thanks Everyone! See you all soon,


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