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Monday, September 01, 2008
Tricounty DFA Update: Meeting Reminder, Biden In Delaware, Bob Muller, Palin Furor & Death Watch, more
Hello Everyone:

In this update for September 1st, 2008:

1. Wednesday Meeting Reminder
2. Biden In Delaware: Progressive Grassroots Politics
3. Bob Muller Update
4. Was Palin Vetted At All?
5. Friday Night Film Fest

1. Wednesday Meeting Reminder

We will be having our usual monthly Glens Falls DFA meeting next Wednesday, Sept. 3rd, at 7pm at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe at Elm Street and Hudson Avenue in downtown Glens Falls, one block west from the roundabout.

On the agenda will be our action agenda for Obama-Biden and candidates like Bob Muller. NewYork State is certain to go heavily for Obama, so much of our activity will likely focus on calling out of state, for instance to Pennsylvania. The real battle is elsewhere.

We'll also discuss getting campaign materials like bumper stickers, pins, signs, etc.

I would note that with the sad passing of Glens Falls Mayor LeRoy Akins, there will now also be a Mayor's race in the City of Glens Falls with several Democrats running, either as endorsed candidates, or as independent Democrats. So we will be discussing holding candidate forums.

2. Biden In Delaware: Progressive Grassroots Politics

One of the things I've wondered about Joe Biden is how he got elected to the Senate at the age of 29. The answer: not big buck fundraising, not expensive media, not high priced out of town consultants, but the progressive solution, direct voter contact and building community for political action, the way the Dean campaign and then DFA has been talking about from the beginning. This is a great read about out new Vice President:

3. Bob Muller Update

The Bob Muller for Supreme Court campaign has announced that all 11 county committees have now endorsed Bob for the 4th Judicial District. (We endorsed Bob back in early June.)

As I've noted before, Bob is running for one of three seats on the bench. Since there are four candidates, it's a bit like a game of musical chairs: the fourth place finisher doesn't get a seat on the Court.

Bob's strategy is simple: if most Democrats voted only ONCE for a Supreme Court candidate, the mathematics would push Bob into the winner's circle. (This is known as a bullet vote.) You can vote for three, but he needs us all to vote only for the Democrat, Bob. In this kind of round robin election, there are no bonus points for first or second place. All you need is one single vote more than the fourth place finisher when the music stops, and you are elected.

It'd be great to see a Democrat elected, and these judicial seats really do matter.

There's also now a link to download and print a vehicle sign:

4. Was Palin Vetted At All?

The Sarah Palin story is getting wilder and wilder, and there are growing questions whether or not the McCain campaign vetted her at all, or even read her local hometown newspaper.

Among other revelations:

*Palin lied about being against the infamous "bridge to nowhere." She actually was originally for it.
*She was a member of a extremist party in Alaska that seriously wanted Alaska to succeed from the Union.
*She is under investigation for using undue influence to get her brother in law fired from the State Police as part of some kind of vendetta.
*All weekend long the blogosphere boomed with rumors about her last pregnancy and its timing that raised questions as to how that was possible, given she took an eight hour+ long plane ride back home to Alaska after breaking water, and then drove into the boondocks to a small clinic in her hometown of Wassilia. The Alaska media has apparently been full of stories as to how Palin did not look pregnant. Now she reveals her 17 year old daughter is suddenly five months pregnant and about to marry the 17th year old father. The campaigns are staying as far as possible from this last story, and they should, but, as the saying goes, stay tuned.

Will Palin survive? The McCain campaign has now dispatched a team of ten lawyers to Alaska to check all this out. Apparently they didn't do it before hand:

Just when you think this year just can't possibly get any wilder, it does.

For more:

Palin Hires Lawyer In Trooper-Gate Probe
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Palin's Link To Bizarro AK Secession Party
Palin Backed Pork Bridge Project In '06

5. Friday Night Film Fest

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's Friday Night Progressive FIlm Festival continues with:

MURDERBALL (2005) Dana Adam Shapiro 86 min. RT Rating = 98 %
The Game Quad rugby is played on a basketball court with four eight-minute quarters, during which players wheel nimbly, collide brutally, pass strategically, and sometimes knock each other over, chairs and all, to get the ball past the melee and into the end zone. More mobile players handle the ball, while more impaired ones can excel at defensive blocking. Each player is assigned a ranking, from .5 to 3.5, according to his upper body mobility; team mobility rankings cannot exceed a total of 8. 2002 World Championship The film begins at the 2002 World Championship in Sweden. Top-ranked Team USA has dominated the sport for 10 years, and every national team would like to push them from their pedestal. The rivalry between USA and Canada, though, is especially personal as Canada’s coach is Joe Soares, a former American all-star.

Thanks everyone! See you all Wednesday,


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