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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: Election News, Meeting Next Week, Changes at DFA, More
Hello Everyone:

In This Update:

1. DFA Meeting Next Wednesday
2. Big Election News: Saratoga, Queensbury
3. Major Protest In Syracuse Organized By Iraq Vets
4. Changes at DFA
5. More R's Than D's support Congress
6. And Why -- And Action?
7. Three Myths
8. On The LIghter Side
9. Friday Night Film Festival

1. DFA Meeting Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday, October 3rd, we'll be holding our monthly Greater Glens Falls DFA meeting at 7pm at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls.

There were some interesting developments in local elections (see below) we can discuss and DFA National wants us to start thinking about who we may want to support in the primaries next year. I should have more on this agenda stuff Sunday night.

2. Big Election News: Saratoga, Queensbury

There were big doings in the primary races last week. Our DFA endorsed candidate Val Keehn won her primary by a huge, nearly 2-1 margin over challenger Gordon Boyd, who remains on the Conservative Party line. No word yet if Body will be endorsing Keehn.

There were also interesting and intriguing developments in the race for Queensbury Town Board. Councilmembers Roger Boor and Richard Sanford, who are registered Republicans, were cross endorsed by the Warren County Democratic Committee. However, apparently thanks to a last minute attack ad, they lost the Republican primary. But they are still running, now on the Democratic line. Does this have the potential to open up the political system in the Town? It's all very interesting and we will be discussing it next Wednesday.

There was also big news in that incumbent Sheriff Larry Cleveland was defeated-- clearly, Warren County's "old boy network" is getting shaken up.

3. Major Protest In Syracuse Organized By Iraq Vets

There will be a major, and new, peace demonstration in Syracuse Saturday, organized by Iraq War veterans. Those of us old enough to remember the original Viet Vets against The War will know how powerful it is to have veterans of a war speak out against it.

"Not since Viet Nam, has such a broad-based, grassroots coalition been formed in New York State to oppose war. Over 59 organizations state-wide have endorsed this action which was initiated by (IVAW) Iraq Veterans Against the War, NY and will be hosted by the Syracuse Peace Council (SPC), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) -1199 and Syracuse University’s Student Peace Action Network (SPAN).

“Soldiers and Civilians Speak Out” BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!

WHAT: Upstate New York State Regional Anti-War March & Rally

WHEN & Saturday, September 29, 2007

WHERE: 1 pm Rally – Everson Museum Plaza, 401 Harrison Street, Syracuse, New York

2:30pm March

3:30pm Rally at Walnut Park

6 pm networking meetings (Veterans, Students, Regional Organizers)

7:30pm Panel Discussion "The People's Response to the Petraeus Report" at Hendricks Chapel (see details below)

for daily updates & resources visit:

Matt Funiciello is organizing a caravan to go out:

"Please join us in attending the Soldier's Rally in Syracuse this Saturday (IVAW). Call or email if you want to join the peace caravan. Pass along to others who may not know. We'll leave Rock Hill Cafe at 7:30 Saturday morning and meet up with the rest of the caravan in Saratoga & Albany.

Matt Funiciello
(518) 793-0075"

4. Changes at DFA

If you haven't been following, there have been important news about DFA National's leadership in Burlington in the last week: Executive Director Tom Hughes, who has been with DFA and Dean For America from the beginning, is stepping down. DFA Training Academy Director Arshan Hasan will be taking over as Executive Director from Tom in late October.

Many of us got to meet Tom at the training in South Glens Falls last year, and it has been a real privilege and honor to have gotten to know him, and regard him as a friend. Arshad, who many of us also remember from the training, is going to do a great job. But Tom will be missed-- and many, many thanks to him,

5. More R's Than D's support Congress

In the latest Gallup poll, more Republicans approve of the job Congress is doing than there are Democrats who approve. According to the poll, 37% of Republicans approve of Congress' performance, compared to 23% of Democrats and 14% of independents, with an overall rating of 24% approval and 71% disapproval.

6. And Why

There are reasons Republicans are happier than Democrats -- Drew sends along the news today that Representative Gillibrand voted to condemn's ad.

Maybe the Moveon ad was good, maybe it wasn't. That's not the point. If we don't agree with one another, can't we accept that others don't agree without condemning them? This is Republican message management and an effort to stifle dissent and the diversity of views that is the glory of the American Way, and Democrats should not be playing along with these right wing bullies.

And as Lewis Carroll would say, it gets curiouser and curiouser -- supported Gillibrand in the last election, raising for her through its mailings and website a grand total of $148,812.62

Hmmmmmmm... Gee. Wonder how that's gonna work out now.

-- And Action?

In March we voted at our meeting to urge our representatives to support Jerry Nadler's bill, Hr. 455, to only fund withdrawal. This proposal is back on the table again in a new form:

Rep. Hall, Hinchey, Olver and others from the region touched by this newsletter have signed this pledge. Missing so far are Gillibrand, McNulty and Welch.

They can redeem themselves by signing this pledge, to only fund withdrawal. Contact them at

7. Three Myths

On that, the must read and must see of the week is Three Myths: that the Democrats cannot do anything about the war.
David Sirota explains it in detail, and it is excellent. Democrats are not innocent bystanders:

8. On The LIghter Side

Drew sends along this clip from Crooks and Liars, and it is hilarious: Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn gets nailed on the hypocrisy of the right wing when David Schuster exposes she doesn't know the name of the last GI killed in Iraq in her district:

9. Friday Night Film Festival

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's Friday Night Progressive Film Fest continues at 7:30pm with:

Sep 28 STEVIE (2003) Steve James 145 min.
"This is the hardest film I've ever made. But, I also think it's the most honest in its attempt to portray the complexity of family relationships." Steve James, Academy award nominated director of the widely acclaimed documentary "Hoop Dreams", brings you a moving film about James' relationship with an adult suffering the after effects of extreme childhood neglect. Acclaimed upon its world premiere at the recent Toronto Film Festival, the film was also recently accepted into competition at Sundance Film Festival.

Thanks, everyone!

Larry Dudley

Monday, September 17, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: Primary Tomorrow, Letter From Keehn and Queensbury, Gore Wins Emmy, More
Hello Everyone;

In This Update:

1. Primary Election Day Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18th
2. A Message From Mayor Keehn
3. Queensbury Alert To Voters
4. DFA Night School Tuesday
5. Greenspan Tells The Truth: It Was A War For Oil
6. Frank Rich: Will Democrats Betray?
7. Al Gore Wins Emmy
8. New Barton Office Shows Geothermal Heating
9. Friday Night FIlm Fest

1. Primary Election Day Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18th

Not everyone in our area has a primary, but there are important ones around. Please make sure to vote if you do! Specifically:
*Saratoga Springs: Mayor Valerie Keehn has been endorsed by Democracy For Saratoga Springs and Democracy For the Greater Glens Falls Area. DFA Chair Jim Dean also came to the Spa City last month to show his support at an event co-sponsored by Democracy For The Hudson Mohawk Region.
*Queensbury Town Board (see below)
*Warren County Sheriff (Republican). I know most of us are Democrats, but Doug Auer spoke at our last meeting of the importance of this primary contest and the importance of changing things in Warren County. If you are a Republican, get out and vote for change!

The polls open at noon and you have until 9pm.

2. A Message From Mayor Keehn

"Dear Saratoga Springs Voter,

"Serving as your Mayor has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling contributions I have made in my life. Upon taking office, I knew many challenges lay ahead, and that “politics as usual” had to change in Saratoga Springs.

"Over-development threatened our character, while property taxes soared, making it harder for families to live and work here. Stalled projects like the city center expansion, building an indoor recreation facility and a much-needed new police station, needed to be tackled. Affordable housing options needed to be developed, and having a voice in the future of thoroughbred racing had to be secured.

"I’m proud that in 22 months, we’ve had success in these areas and more. I’m running for re-election because I want to continue the progress we’ve made, and the fight for open, accessible government.

"Some in the political establishment have had a hard time adapting to some of my policy changes; they have been more concerned about preserving the status quo than doing the right thing. Other mayoral candidates want to return to the old ways -- when developers and their allies controlled City government with an iron fist. I don’t want to go back to that style of government, and I know you don’t either.

"I appreciate the support I’ve received from ordinary citizens of Saratoga Springs, and I’m asking for your support for another term.

"Please vote for me in the Primary this Tuesday.


"Valerie Keehn"

2. Queensbury Alert To Voters

Kathleen Sonnabend sent this out tonight and I am forwarding it here in it's entirety because of its complete round-up of the issues in the Town of Queensbury, and Warren County, which clearly have not gotten the attention they deserve.

Although he is not in a primary, we endorsed Councilman John Strough last summer after the great presentation he gave us. Unless you were there, you might not know that we offered to raise some money at the meeting for John's race, but he declined. John will not take any funding, from anyone, he is so committed to serving all the voters of the town, which is amazing.

"Hi everyone,

"Have you all received the letter the Macchio's sent to "Our Friends and Neighbors in Queensbury"? I am neither a friend nor a neighbor, so I assume this was mailed to every voter in town. With a color photo, it was not inexpensive.

"There is so much more to this story - this mailing is Behan Communications spin that distorts the real issues. And at least one leader of the local Republican machine (Michael O'Connor) was involved with the Macchio's French Mountain project. It is another example of monied interests/developers who are accustomed to get what they want from the town of Queensbury, and will fight hard to put elected officials in place to do their bidding. Historically, our Town Supervisors and Boards have been too willing to let developers have their way, often to the detriment of the people of Queensbury.

"Roger Boor, Richard Sanford and John Strough have all worked diligently for our best interests. None of them have higher political ambitions or special interests to satisfy. All are gainfully employed, and serve us because they want to contribute and protect our community. It takes a lot of courage and energy to serve in the face of orchestrated attacks by the machine and its special interest groups. When their challengers speak of a need for "consensus" or a "kinder, gentler" board, it is code for cooperating with and returning control to the Republican machine which is dominated by certain real estate attorneys, developers and politicians not otherwise gainfully employed. We need more debate about important issues, not "yes" men and women to do the bidding of the machine with little or no independent work or research into the issues. We have serious problems with flooding, development in wetlands and steeper terrain, traffic, a deteriorating tax base with unsmart growth and a lack of better paying jobs in the local economy.

"Since the 2005 election when Richard Sanford won the Ward 2 seat held by Ted Turner for so many years, Queensbury has finally had a board that is not controlled by the machine. All of the expensive campaign mailings and smear tactics are a desperate and well funded attempt by the machine to regain that control. If Boor, Sanford and Strough are re-elected, the Queensbury Board will continue to be independent. If Brewer and one of the challengers wins, control goes back to Stec and the machine. If that happens, you can expect:
The corner of Blindrock and Bay to be developed intensively, and not with the professional offices with a residential look that was designated for the Bay Road corridor.
The Fire Training Tower to be built at ACC along Haviland Road, not in an industrial location where it ought to be.
Continued conversion of light industrial, commercial and professional office zoning into residential zoning, with a negative impact on our tax base.
Continued lack of smart growth developement.
And if Tony Metivier defeats Roger Boor, rejuvenated attempts to create an East Lake George Village and distinct fire districts, questionably good for North Queensbury residents (probably higher costs from loss of consolidated municipal services?) but certainly negative for the rest of Queensbury. (North Queensbury consists of high value properties with high taxes, but they also benefit the most from the sales tax revenues generated in the rest of Queensbury which bears the burden of increased traffic and loss of green space.)
"Please don't be fooled by slick mailings. If you attend town meetings or watch on channel 8, you will see the truth for yourself. While Boor and Sanford in particular will often raise questions or objections, they have been rational and constructive. It is Dan Stec and Tim Brewer who have lost their temper, and walked out during meetings, to avoid answering questions and to avoid constructive participation in the debate.

"As to the Sheriff's race, Bud York is the clear choice for County Sheriff. There have been many personel problems in Larry (Clevelands)'s administration, and his claim to have saved the County a lot of money on the jail project is bogus. I have spent enough time at County meetings, asking questions and reviewing documents, to know that all County projects have a large contingency line built into the project budget. You would have to be very unlucky or very inept to not "save money" on such budgets. Further, we need someone like Bud who is not tied to the local machine, and who has courage and access to state resources. Too much has been swept under the carpet during Larry (Cleveland)'s administration that needs to be pursued. In some cases, it will be necessary to bring in state resources to handle investigation of individuals with local political connections.

"Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!


3. DFA Night School Tuesday

Don't forget DFA Night School is on again for Tuesday night at 8:30pm. This month's session is on precinct organizing. There are 200,000 election districts or precincts in the United States, and we need a grassroots activist in every single one if we are to "Take Back America." Tomorrow the subject is recruiting a local level team. To RSVP or get more info:

4. Greenspan Tells The Truth: It Was A War For Oil

Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman and right wing economic guru Alan Greenspan finally told the truth about the Iraq War, it was revealed today. Greenspan, who has a new book coming out, flatly admits it:

"Greenspan writes:
"I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil."

For More:

This should permanently bury the neocon and Bush Dogs claim the freedom of the Iraqi people had anything to do with it.

6. Frank Rich: Will Democrats Betray?

NY Times columnist Frank Rich is in a truth telling mood, too. "Will The Democrats Betray Us?" Rich asks? He goes on,

"Even if military "victory" were achievable in Iraq, America could not win a war abandoned by its own citizens. The evaporation of that support was ratified by voters last November. For that, they were rewarded with the "surge." Now their mood has turned darker. Americans have not merely abandoned the war; they don't want to hear anything that might remind them of it, or of war in general. Katie Couric's much-promoted weeklong visit to the front produced ratings matching the CBS newscast's all-time low. Angelina Jolie's movie about Daniel Pearl sank without a trace. Even Clint Eastwood's wildly acclaimed movies about World War II went begging. Over its latest season, "24" lost a third of its viewers, just as Mr. Bush did between January's prime-time address and last week's."
"You can't blame the public for changing the channel. People realize that the president's real "plan for victory" is to let his successor clean up the mess. They don't want to see American troops dying for that cause, but what can be done? Americans voted the G.O.P. out of power in Congress; a clear majority consistently tell pollsters they want out of Iraq. And still every day is Groundhog Day..." and,

"The job for real leaders is to wake up America to the urgent reality. We can't afford to punt until Inauguration Day in a war that each day drains America of resources and will. Our national security can't be held hostage indefinitely to a president's narcissistic need to compound his errors rather than admit them."

This is the must read of the week:

6. Al Gore Wins Emmy

In another serious under reported story, Al Gore, the man the voters chose for President in 2000, won an Emmy last night for his interactive cable network, Current TV. This follows an Oscar to the movie An Inconvenient Truth. Will the streak continue next month when the Noble Peace Prize is announced? Gore is a heavy favorite to win for his work on the environment. It's not surprising. Gore is The Man Who Was Right About Everything. For more on the Emmy:

6. New Barton Office Shows Geothermal Heating

The Barton Mines Company, one of the members of Adrondirondack Wind Partners, which is building the North Creek wind turbine project, is having a ribbon cutting Wednesday for its new downtown Glens Falls office, which features an equally innovating geothermal heating system. A series of deep wells on the property brings water from the center of the earth to heat the historic, renovated structure at the corner of Warren and Ridge Street. Building tours will be given during the afternoon. To my knowledge, this is the first geothermal heating/cooling system in the Glens Falls area.

7. Friday Night FIlm Fest

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's Friday Night Progressive Film Fest continues at 7:30 with:

Sep 21 A LIFE APART: HASIDISM IN AMERICA (1997) Menachem Daum & Oren Rudavsky 95 min.
Seven years in the making, A Life Apart examines a world few outsiders get to see--the world of the Hasidim. With their use of Yiddish, their distinctive clothes, and their strict adherence to Jewish ritual and law, this enlightening documentary shows how the Hasidim's values coincide with those of most Americans--highly valuing family, community, and a life of meaning.

Thanks everyone! Don't forget to vote if you have a primary!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: Fish Fry For Keehn, Draft Gore Starts and "Shock Doctrine"
Hello Everyone;

This is a special pre-primary update;

1. "Reel Them In" Fish Fry For Keehn
2. Draft Gore Movement Starts In Massachusetts
3. "Shock Doctrine"
4. George Carlin On Education
5 Friday Night Film Fest

1. "Reel Them In" Fish Fry For Keehn

First there was the Jim Dean "Keehn And Dean" fundraiser for Mayor Valerie Keehn. This weekend, there's another, a "Reel "em In" fish fry benefit, and all area Keehn supporters are invited to attend.

When: Sunday, Sept. 16, 5:30 PM
Where: The Union Gables Inn, 55 Union Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY
Featuring: Delicious Fish Dinner, Silent Auction and raffles.
Cost: Only $10.
Please RSVP: 587-4627
2. Draft Gore Movement Starts In Massachusetts

In The Boston Globe today is news that a major effort to draft Al Gore for President has begun in Massachusetts. A committee is being organized to get the signatures required to put Gore on the primary ballot in the Bay State. According to the Globe,
"This is that rarity in American politics -- a genuine draft movement organized by citizens who believe firmly that America needs a specific candidate to lead the country. Gore received more than 50 million votes when he ran for President in 2000 and most of those voters still believe that he won,"

I would also note it is now exactly one month until the Nobel Peace Prize is announced. Gore is the heavy favorite to win.

3. "Shock Doctrine"

There is a very important new book out from Naomi Klein, author of No Logo, which helped get the anti-globalization movement started, According to the Times, Klein makes the case that,

"unconstrained free-market policies go hand in hand with undemocratic political policies."
"In her book she argues that the shock therapy prescribed by Western economists during the last 30 years could not have been imposed without political shock therapy, namely brutal repression and a suspension of democratic rights. Western countries, along with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, essentially exploited disasters — hyperinflation, the tsunami, the war in Iraq — to force through radical changes like privatization, deregulation and severe cuts in social spending..."

"Even the shock of 9/11, she said in an interview, was “harnessed by leaders to end the discussion of global justice.”

“We did not lose the battle of ideas,” Ms. Klein likes to say. Alternatives to the free market were “crushed by army tanks and think tanks.”

4. George Carlin On Education

A friend in Queensbury who is well connected to education sends along this incredible George Carlin piece, which actually is a corollary to Klein's book above.

"Subject: We're NOT in the Club ..."

"Part of what we’ve been trying to communicate for years, and it takes George Carlin all of 3 minutes and 39 seconds to get the point across."

5 Friday Night Film Fest

Sep 14 THE FALL OF FUJIMORI (2006) Ellen Perry 84 min.
In a nation besieged by bloody insurgents and appalling poverty appears a humble candidate who vows to fight for the poor and disenfranchised. Riding a crest of popular support, this political unknown storms into the elections and wins the Presidency. After being sworn in, the new President declares an all out War On Terror, which soon culminates in the capture of public enemy number one. The country is Peru. The President is Alberto Fujimori. The year is 1992. The Fall of Fujimori is a character-driven, political thriller exploring the volatile events that defined Fujimori’s decade-long reign: His meteoric rise from son of poor Japanese immigrants to the presidency; his fateful relationship with the shadowy and Machiavellian Vladimiro Montesinos; his "self-coup" that dissolved overnight both Congress and the Judiciary;

Thanks everyone!


Monday, September 10, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: Debates, Iraq, Gore and more
Hello Everyone!

In this update:

1. Debates Monday: Saratoga Mayor, Warren County Sheriff
2. Meeting Report -- Iran Snap Demo Alert
3. DFA Calls For Funding Withdrawal
4. New Gore book (and article) Nobel Peace Prize October 12
5. 200,003 Precinct Strategy & DFA Night School Training Find Dukakis piece
6. Pell Grants Restored
7. DCCC Fought To Run Rich Conservatives
8. Friday Night FIlm Fest

1. Debates Monday: Saratoga Mayor, Warren County Sheriff

Tomorrow, Monday night, at 7pm, there will be a pair of candidate debates in primary elections.
In Saratoga Springs, DFA and Working Families Party endorsed mayoral candidate, incumbent Valerie Keehn, will debate Democratic and Conservative Party challenger Gordon Boyd in the Community Room of the Saratoga Springs Library.
In Glens Falls, there will be a debate for the Republican Party line for Warren County Sheriff between incumbent Larry Cleveland and challenger "Bud" York in Wood Theater in downtown Glens Falls.

2. Meeting Report -- Iran Snap Demo Alert

At our Wednesday meeting there was discussion about our agenda for the Fall. There was concern that there is a danger Bush might attack Iran in the next few weeks, so we agreed to hold a "snap" demonstration if it looks like something like that might happen. Watch for an alert with times and places if it appears an escalation of the war is imminent.

3. DFA Calls For Funding Withdrawal

DFA National has an online petition calling on Congress to only fund withdrawal from Iraq:

"Bush recently demanded another $50 billion to fund his war. That's in addition to the $147 billion he has already requested. He's counting on the White House-written Patraeus report this month to convince Congress to play along, but Americans already know that we must end this catastrophe now."

This is a position GGFDFA took in late winter when it advocated Rep. Gillibrand support Rep. Nadler's Hr. 455, which did just that-- only funded withdrawal.

4. New Gore Book Coming: Nobel Peace Prize October 12?

Thursday it was announced the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded on October 12th. Al Gore is widely regarded as the leading contender. That status might be enhanced further if the Nobel Committee knew he has a new book coming out in April entitled The Path to Survival. It will be published next spring to coincide with Earth Day on April 22.

"According to the publisher, Rodale Books, Gore will spell out a blueprint for the changes that individuals and governments need to make to avoid catastrophic climate change.",,2163550,00.html

There is also a very interesting article on Gore in the latest New York Review of Books:

5. 200,003 Precinct Strategy & DFA Night School Training

DFA Night School is starting again for the Autumn, and these look to be as excellent as the ones in the past.

"There are over 203,000 precincts in America and the vast majority of them have never been organized. Neighborhoods that have active precinct programs consistently perform better than unorganized ones. This is something that anyone, anywhere can do. Not only will you increase Democratic voter registration and turnout in every election, but you'll also help build and shape your local Democratic party. If you want to improve the performance of your local party, this Night School Semester is for you:

Precinct Organizing: Getting Started
Tuesday, September 11 -- 8:30pm Eastern

This stuff really matters and the failure to do it is why Democrats have been losing for years! Even former Presidential candidate Mike Dukakis now attributes his failure in 1988 to a lack of precinct level grassroots organizing. It's worth a close read:

“We have to organize every damn precinct in the United States of America—all 185,000,” Mr. Dukakis said. “I’m serious. I’m deadly serious. I didn’t do it after the primary [in 1988]. Don’t ask me why, because that’s the way I got myself elected from the time I was running for town meeting in Brookline to the time I ran for governor.” Dukakis is worried Dems in 2008 are headed for the same letdown he suffered in 1988 because they're not focusing enough on grassroots organizing.

6. Pell Grants Restored

From --

In the most overlooked story of the last few days, Congress is about to increase the all-important Pell grant program, the historic cornerstone of Democrat's efforts to help kids from working families go to college. Pell Grants are to increase to $5,400 a year with interest rates cut in half by squeezing corporate lenders. Bush tried to take some credit, but...

"Democratic Congressional aides and some college lobbyists scoffed at the idea that President Bush deserved kudos, instead crediting the legislation’s chief sponsors, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), for what the Democratic leaders have heralded as the biggest infusion of federal student aid since the G.I. Bill."

“This is not a bill that would have taken place if it was left up to the administration,” said Maureen Hoyler, executive vice president of the Council for Opportunity in Education, which lobbies on behalf of low-income students and especially the TRIO programs, which would gain in the budget legislation. “The people who deserve credit for this are Senator Kennedy and Congressman Miller.”

The last Republican Congress slashed Pell Grants. Republicans have always favored tax breaks for college students, which, of course, favors those who make a lot and pay a lot of income tax. Considering that the median income in the City of Glens Falls is something like $34,000 a year, if you're married and have two or three dependents, you're probably paying more FICA than income tax, so a tax break won't do much for you.

For more on this huge issue:

7. DCCC Fought To Run Rich Conservatives

Drew sends this along-- Democratic House officials recruited rich conservatives to run as Democrats and blocked grassroots candidates. It's a familiar story confirmed by last month's showing of Taking The Hill, which portrayed the struggle of veterans turned candidates, particularly Eric Massa, who were spurned by insider types like Rham Emmanuel.

8. Friday Night FIlm Fest

The Rockhil Bakehouse Cafe's Friday Night Film Festival continues at 7pm in downtown Glens Falls with:

Sep 14 THE FALL OF FUJIMORI (2006) Ellen Perry 84 min.
In a nation besieged by bloody insurgents and appalling poverty appears a humble candidate who vows to fight for the poor and disenfranchised. Riding a crest of popular support, this political unknown storms into the elections and wins the Presidency. After being sworn in, the new President declares an all out War On Terror, which soon culminates in the capture of public enemy number one. The country is Peru. The President is Alberto Fujimori. The year is 1992. The Fall of Fujimori is a character-driven, political thriller exploring the volatile events that defined Fujimori’s decade-long reign: His meteoric rise from son of poor Japanese immigrants to the presidency; his fateful relationship with the shadowy and Machiavellian Vladimiro Montesinos; his "self-coup" that dissolved overnight both Congress and the Judiciary; and the bloody and dramatic Japanese Em

Thanks Everyone!


Monday, September 03, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: Wednesday Meeting Reminder & More
Hello Everyone!

In This Update:

1. DFA Monthly Meeting Reminder
2. Iran War Fever?
3. Sheriff's Debate Thursday
4. Friday Night Film Fest

1. DFA Monthly Meeting Reminder

Summer is over so it is time for a new season of Greater Glens Falls link-ups or "meetups." This Wednesday, September 5th, we'll be back at our usual meeting site at 7pm at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls.

On the agenda will be our calendar of activities for the fall-- people are writing me saying they want to start protests again and DFA National is asking us to counter Republican attempts to spin the upcoming September report on Iraq as some sort of success.

2. Iran War Fever?

In relation to our meeting, our 2004 Congressional candidate Doris Kelly sends along this alarming piece from the London Sunday Times-- is the Bush administration preparing to start a war of aggression against Iran? (Full story at the bottom.)

"Are we going to sleep through this one too? Congress has to stop this megalomaniac!! Or are we all crazy?

"The Sunday Times
"September 2, 2007

"Pentagon 'three-day blitz' plan for Iran

"Sarah Baxter, Washington

"The Pentagon has drawn up plans for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians' military capability in three days, according to a national security expert. Alexis Debat, director of terrorism and national security at the Nixon Center, said last week that US military planners were not preparing for "pinprick strikes" against Iran's nuclear facilities. "They're about taking out the entire Iranian military," he said."

And don't miss Greenwald's detailed analysis on that is actually going on in the halls of the White House in relation to Iran.

3. Sheriff's Debate Thursday

Doug Auer and Kathy Sonnabend want to alert everyone about the Sheriff's candidate debate Thursday -- they also want to talk about this some Wednesday night.

"Hi everyone,

"The newly reactivated local chapter of the League of Women Voters is hosting a debate this Thursday night at 7pm in Room 206 at the Scoville Learning Center at ACC. Current Warren County Sheriff Larry Cleveland will debate challenger Bud York.

"This is one of the most important races this fall. This is your opportunity to ask the candidates any questions that you may have, and to hear their thoughts on a variety of topics. They are competing on the primary ballots for the Republican and Independence parties to determine which candidate, respectively, will appear on those party lines in the general election. Bud York will also appear in the general election on the Conservative line.

4. Friday Night Film Fest

Sep 7 AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM (2006) Aaron Russo 105 min.
Paying taxes ranks pretty highly On most people's "Least Favorite Things To Do" lists, but according to filmmaker Aaron Russo, U.S. citizens aren't actually legally obliged to pay federal income tax at all. This is the premise on which Russo's Libertarian documentary is based, and he speaks at length with various former IRS employees and people from financial institutions to back up his point. Russo contends that the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allows Congress to levy and collect taxes on incomes, was never properly ratified. He then proceeds to explain how this is the case, presenting all his facts and theories in a fun, easy-to-understand manner that will be familiar to fans of Michael Moore's movies. But after setting out his stall, Russo really goes for the jugular, making claims that America is becoming a police state in which citizens are gradually having their freedoms eroded.
(Note from LD-- this has been litigated quite a bit and the feds have always won. As they say on TV, don't try this at home!)

Thanks, everyone! See you Wednesday at the Cafe. The full Sunday Times article is below.



The Sunday Times
September 2, 2007

Pentagon 'three-day blitz' plan for Iran

Sarah Baxter, Washington

THE Pentagon has drawn up plans for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians' military capability in three days, according to a national security expert.
Alexis Debat, director of terrorism and national security at the Nixon Center, said last week that US military planners were not preparing for "pinprick strikes" against Iran's nuclear facilities. "They're about taking out the entire Iranian military," he said.
Debat was speaking at a meeting organised by The National Interest, a conservative foreign policy journal. He told The Sunday Times that the US military had concluded: "Whether you go for pinprick strikes or all-out military action, the reaction from the Iranians will be the same." It was, he added, a "very legitimate strategic calculus".
President George Bush intensified the rhetoric against Iran last week, accusing Tehran of putting the Middle East "under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust". He warned that the US and its allies would confront Iran "before it is too late".
One Washington source said the "temperature was rising" inside the administration. Bush was "sending a message to a number of audiences", he said to the Iranians and to members of the United Nations security council who are trying to weaken a tough third resolution on sanctions against Iran for flouting a UN ban on uranium enrichment.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last week reported "significant" cooperation with Iran over its nuclear programme and said that uranium enrichment had slowed. Tehran has promised to answer most questions from the agency by November, but Washington fears it is stalling to prevent further sanctions. Iran continues to maintain it is merely developing civilian nuclear power.
Bush is committed for now to the diplomatic route but thinks Iran is moving towards acquiring a nuclear weapon. According to one well placed source, Washington believes it would be prudent to use rapid, overwhelming force, should military action become necessary.
Israel, which has warned it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, has made its own preparations for airstrikes and is said to be ready to attack if the Americans back down.
Alireza Jafarzadeh, a spokesman for the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which uncovered the existence of Iran's uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, said the IAEA was being strung along. "A number of nuclear sites have not even been visited by the IAEA," he said. "They're giving a clean bill of health to a regime that is known to have practised deception."
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, irritated the Bush administration last week by vowing to fill a "power vacuum" in Iraq. But Washington believes Iran is already fighting a proxy war with the Americans in Iraq.
The Institute for the Study of War last week released a report by Kimberly Kagan that explicitly uses the term "proxy war" and claims that with the Sunni insurgency and Al-Qaeda in Iraq "increasingly under control", Iranian intervention is the "next major problem the coalition must tackle".
Bush noted that the number of attacks on US bases and troops by Iranian-supplied munitions had increased in recent months "despite pledges by Iran to help stabilise the security situation in Iraq".
It explains, in part, his lack of faith in diplomacy with the Iranians. But Debat believes the Pentagon's plans for military action involve the use of so much force that they are unlikely to be used and would seriously stretch resources in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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