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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Tricounty DFA Update: Chili Cookoff, Clinton, Letters and More
In This Update:

1. Chili Cookoff With Candidates Report and Pictures
2. More Fort Edward Pics
3. Clinton Clocks Fox, Shows Us How
4. Olbermann Channels Edward R. Murrow Again
5. NIE Uproar: Gillibrand Hits Sweeney, Dean Issues Call
5. Letter Topics: 20 Most Corrupt and Iraq War NIE
6. Tabling & Canvassing
7. Friday Film Fest

1. Chili Cookoff With Candidates Report and Pictures

Saturday night saw a jam packed crowd of area Democrats turn out at Nora Nellis' in Lake George for the Great Adirondack Chili Cookoff. All three area Democratic candidates made an appearance: Congressional candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, State Senate candidate Tim Merrick and Assembly candidate Hudson Falls Mayor David Carter. Joining Mayor Carter were our other three Democratic Mayors: Valerie Keehn of Saratoga Springs and Roy Akins of Glens Falls. Together, they represent a clean sweep of all our big Northcountry communities.

Those who made it know the 15 different chilies, the corn breads and muffins, the deserts and many beverages made it a terrific eating experience and fun event all around.

Special thanks for making this event possible go to House Party Hostess with the Mostest Nora Nellis, Pat Dudley for tireless organizing and everyone who brought food, beverages and supplies or pitched into help.

We should probably also thank the eight teenaged protesters who showed up outside for providing some inadvertent entertainment! As Tim Merrick told them, at least they've started to care. In time maybe they'll start to think, too, and party goers who spent some time talking to them may have helped.

To see pictures of the event, scroll down.

2. More Fort Edward Pics

There are also a couple more pictures below of the Fort Edward appearance by Eliot Spitzer with area candidates, including a really evocative shot of the headquarters by Dick Dudley.

3. Clinton Clocks Fox, Shows Us How

People have been talking for the last few days about the confrontation between Bill Clinton and Chris Wallace on Fox TV. Clinton cleaned Wallace's clock. Talking Points Memo had it best:

"You really ought to go watch this clip. Clinton is simply the most gifted politician of our times. I have my issues with Clinton, but I sometimes forget not just what a tremendously effective communicator he is but how much he just plain gets it. He understands politics at a level no one else does. He intuitively knows the subtext to questions and so not only answers the expressed question but in a very analytical way picks apart the subtext and answers the implied question, too. If you're a little younger and missed most of the Clinton years, it's something to watch."

See the full video at: It's takes a minutes to get into it but it is worth it.

4. Olbermann Channels Edward R. Murrow Again

More and more Keith Olbermann is turning into the Edward R. Murrow of our generation. For those who haven't seen Good Night and Good Luck, Murrow was the crusading TV journalist in the 1950s who stood up to power hungry anti-communist witch hunters who really wanted to roll back civil liberties and the New Deal. Olbermann has led the once moribund MSNBC to new ratings heights, which disproves cynics who say people don't care. Last night he hammered Fox News and the right wingers over the attempt to sandbag Bill Clinton. It's memorable:

5. NIE Uproar: Gillibrand Hits Sweeney, Dean Issues Call

Our other great American communicator, Governor Dean, picked up on what was behind Fox's attempt to sandbag the former President, and also the other big story of the weekend, the leaking of the secret National Intelligence Estimate, which reveals that the entire Intelligence community, all sixteen agencies, are saying the Iraq War has made America less safe, not more safe. Coverage began in the NY Times and Washington Post:

Retired U.S. Generals also opened fire on Rumsfeld with devastating effect:

Kirsten Gillibrand also hammered John Sweeney on the NIE issue: John Sweeney "has supported President Bush 100 percent of the time on Iraq, refusing to ask tough questions or push for honest answers."

According to Governor Dean, "we're going on the offense on national security. The future of our party, and of our country, depends on the ability of Democrats to get a strong national security message out in all 50 states this year." More at:

6. Letter Topics: 20 Most Corrupt and Iraq War NIE

What can the rest of us do? Two suggestions: first letters.

Sweeney is now rated as one of the 20 most corrupt members of congress. Lisa and Rosemary sent this along last Thursday:

Or for info on how the Republicans have made America less safe, check out the NY TImes and WaPost pieces above.

Send a letter to the Post Star at:

The Saratogian:

The Chronicle:

All other area papers through the AAUW Two-Minutes activist page:

If you've never written a letter to the editor before, you can check out these tips:

6. Tabling & Canvassing

We will again be tabling during the Farmer's Market on South Street in downtown Glens Falls this Saturday, September30th from at least 9am (and possibly 8am) until about 11am. Come out and show support for Kirsten and bring a friend.

For more info and to RSVP go to:

Afterwards we've been canvassing door to door in Glens Falls. We will be organizing this week's canvass during Saturday's tabling. Come and check before 11am at the Farmer's Market if you want to help! We need as many people as we can get! If you have never canvassed before, you can go around with someone else to get the hang of it. But it's easy-- just talking to neighbors.

7. Friday Film Fest

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's progressive film fest continues this Friday with:

Sept 29 THE TERRORIST (2000) Docudrama
Director – Sivanti Ninan 90 min.
Over the past decade, and particularly since 9/11 in the USA, the politics of terror & terrorism has replaced the Cold War. Challenges to the NEW Cold War by the disadvantaged and oppressed segments of the population have developed in several parts of the world. Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and the greater Tamil diaspora stretching into India is one area where insurgent opposition to the State has raged for almost 25 years. Current mainstream newspaper reports note the possibility of the intensification of the war. Sivan’s film has its focus on a young, striking
looking girl, Malli. Her brother’s death in combat propels her to join the insurgents. In a sensitive portrayal of the character of Malli the film shows the complexity of factors in the making of
a terrorist as well as her eventual self-destruction.

Also, DFA is organizing national showings of Iraq For Sale. The Cafe will be showing it on Oct. 13 & 20. Please RSVP at:

Thanks everyone!

Larry Dudley

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