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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Friday, July 01, 2005
Tricounty DFA Update: Meetup Next week, Happy 4th! Consternation To The Enemies of the Republic!
Hello Everyone;

In this update:

First off, I hope you all have a happy Fourth of July Holiday!

It's time to commemorate and celebrate the values of the American Revolution: Equality, Freedom, Justice, Inclusion, Fairness and the Rule of Law. Nothing could be more subversive of the far right's agenda than these revolutionary values.

1. O'Connor retires; Democratic response?
2. Meetup next week
3. New Social Security War Coming
4. Training upcoming in Syracuse
5. Zogby Poll; Surprising support for impeachment

1. O'Connor retires; Sig

The big news of the day -- indeed -- of the summer is the sudden and apparently unexpected retirement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Since O'Connor holds the "swing" seat on the high Court, her replacement could determine the direction of the Supreme Court and the Country literally for generations to come. As we tried to tell Americans during the last two elections, a hard right wing choice could wipe out most of legal and human gains that have occured in this country by proclaiming them unconstitutional. This will indeed be a time of testing for our Senatorial delegation.

DFA just sent out this online petition signed by Senator Leahy:
Please sign and pass this along!

Governor Dean and Senator Clinton have already made statements:

2. Meetup next week

It's time for our monthly meetup in Glens Falls next week; undoubtedly, the Supreme Court will be on everyone's mind and I am sure we will be hearing from DFA Burlington with a specific call for action by then (The DFA website is down today for maintenance).

We will also be continuing our focus on Social Security and Walmart, and planning some sort of outreach even for later in July. I will attach DFA's Walmart flyer at the bottom.

To reach the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe, take Exit 18 of the Northway into Glens Falls. Past the Hannaford Supermarket, bear right at the fork in the road by the Stewart's shop. Go past the Post Office and the Hospital to the last stop light before the main intersection of Glen and Hudson Avenue downtown. The Cafe is on the left at the corner of Hudson Ave., Exchange and Elm Street.

3. New Social Security War Coming

As you know from the previous update, there was a major revelation of the Republican intentions to wreck Social Security at Sweeney's forum this week. This effort is far more insidious than what we have seen in the past. Dick and Pat and some of our members were there. Since it appears this was the first area to have witness this test run, we'll spend some time at the meetup talking about framing the new plan.

4. Training upcoming in Syracuse

There will be a major DFA activist training weekend in Cazenovia, NY, later this month. These are two full day, high intensity sessions with highly experienced trainers. This is one of the most important things we can do in DFA; improve the skills of Democrat's and progressive's. This is from Vicki Trojnor, DFA Fingerlakes, the local sponsor of this event;

"Here are the basics.

Date: July 23rd & 24th (Sat & Sunday)
Where: Cazenovia College, NY
Cost: 50.00 per individual
price includes all training material and 5 meals (Brkfst, Lunch &
Dinner on Sat and Brkfst and Lunch on Sunday
If you are a vegiterian
or diabetic, not to worry, all meals will fit your needs.

Overnight accomadations for Sat: Dorm rooms are available for the
cost of 28.00 per person double occupancy or 33.00 for a single. You
will need to bring your own towel and sheets (sleeping bag)

Of course, I will be putting together a list of area hotels for those
that aren't up to a dorm room, but we always try to make this as
inexpensive as possible so more people can attend.

Training rooms and some dorm rooms are handicap accessable.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me and let me
know, as we have limited room.

Vicki L Trojnor

Our thanks to Vicki and everyone out west for all the work on this.

5. Zogby Poll; Surprising support for impeachment

Bush got zero "bounce" off his prime time TV speech and American's disapproval of his failures continues to grow. The Impeachment question is actually being seriously considered by a very large numbers of Americans. It couldn't happen until after the next mid term elections and even then it is very theoretical, but the fact so many Americans now understand the meaning of Bush's lies is a great turning point.

In regard to the DSM, Prime Minister Blair has confirmed the accuracy of the minutes:

For more on the latest and surprising Zogby Poll:
And more on impeachment:

Thanks everyone! Happy Fourth of July! And as we used to proclaim, Consternation to the enemies of the Republic!


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