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Friday, May 20, 2005
Tricounty DFA Update: Dean on MTP Sunday Morning;
Hello Everyone;

Just a quick update:

1. Dean on Meet The Press
2. New York Review On Downing Street Memo
3. Message From NY Verified Voting
4. Revenge of the Frist

1. Dean on Meet The Press

I mainly want to alert all our DFA people that Governor Dean will be on Meet The Press with Tim Russert for a full hour Sunday morning. This will be the first major national televised appearance by the Governor since becoming DNC Chairman earlier this year and it is sure to make nationwide headlines. Meet The Press is on NBC station channel 13 in the Albany area, usually at 10am, but times do vary occasionally; check to make sure it isn't at nine.

Afterwards check in at the DNC to let them know how you think he did:MTP

2. New York Review On Downing Street Memo

There is a major article in the New York Review of Books on the Downing Street Memo, explaining what it is and dissecting in full and explaining why it represents proof that the war in Iraq was planned well in advance and that in fact numerous impeachable offenses were committed by Bush and other top administration officials. A must read. It includes the memo. NYRB

Even former Reagan administration officials are now saying Bush committed impeachable offenses; check this out about Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Treasury Secretary under Reagan: Even Reaganites

3. Message From NY Verified Voting

Bo Lipari, the head of New York Verified Voting sends out this latest report on the status of the fight for verifiable paper ballot/optically scanned voting machines in New York State; we will probably be working on this in the near future:

"It looks like the decision about lever machines replacements will wind up
with the counties. However, the HAVA conference committee still has not
agreed on specific bill language, and we're waiting to see what the final
law looks like. But it's clear they don't intend to specify a single choice
for New York State.

"There are still many questions about what the phrase means "let the counties
decide". Who in the counties will decide? The election commissioners? The
county legislature? Nobody knows for sure, and there are a thousand more
undefined details about how the decision making process will actually work,
and what equipment counties will actually have to choose from.

"A number of election commissioners believe they will get to make the
decision, without consulting their county officials. And all too many feel
that citizens should have no say in this decision at all.

"I couldn't disagree more strongly. The public WILL HAVE A SAY IN THIS
DECISION, a decision that will determine how we vote in New York for the
foreseeable future. But in order to do that, we need your help.

"The lobbyists and vendors have already begun spreading out to the counties
with their message about the wonders of DREs. Right now, as you read this,
they are talking to your town and county legislators and executives, your
county election officials. They are telling them that they don't want paper
ballots and optical scan. And your county officials are listening. We cannot
let the lobbyists be the only voice they hear.


"We have to get to work, right now, at the county level. Just as the
lobbyists are out talking to your county officials, we need to be as well.

"NYVV is looking for residents in EACH AND EVERY COUNTY IN NEW YORK who can
help us spread the message about the benefits of paper ballots for New York.
We have to arrange presentations, provide support materials, appear at town
and county meetings, and meet with local officials to make sure that they
hear our voice as well as the lobbyists.

"We can help you prepare with materials, training, and presenters. I've been
traveling to different counties presenting and assisting and I'll come to
your county too. But we need you to get the ball rolling, and to keep it in
play at the local level.

"We are going to have to fight this county by county, and we will. But we
can't do it without your help.

"We've achieved a lot in a short time. we've FOUGHT AND WON to get paper
ballots and optical scan as an option on the table for New York. But now the
lobbyists, the vendors, are fighting back hard, and they think they have
more resources than we do for a county by county struggle. I think they're

"Please contact me let me know you can help NYVV in your county. We have a
lot of territory to cover, and we need everyone's help.

"You can vote on paper ballots in 2006, or you can vote on DREs. Help us make
the right choice.

-Bo Lipari"

4. Revenge of the Frist

Finally, on the somewhat lighter side, has another great TV ad spoofing the latest Star Wars movie; Revenge of the Frist. If you can bear to imagine laughing at anything right now, check it out at:

Thanks everyone!


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