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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Friday, May 27, 2005
Tricounty DFA Update: Meetup Next Week
Hello Everyone:

In this update:

1. Meetups in Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs
2. Bring a Friend!
3. Successful Meetup in Ballston Spa
4. Dean interview, video & appeal
5. Yet, again, more on the vote in November, but Rep. John Conyers needs our vote now
6. On the brighter side: remember Freedom Fries?

1. Meetups in Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs

There will be DFA Meetups next Wednesday, June 1 in Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs.

In Glens Falls the Meetup will be held at its usual time and place, 7pm at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls.

In Saratoga Springs the Meetup will be at 7pm at Pat Friesen's home, 36 Thoroughbred Drive. Pat suggests that if you like you could bring a snack or beverage.

We will be discussing DFA's June and July "Healthy Communities." They are suggesting house parties, visibility events, picnics, which we can discuss. But the main event is a special DFA only preview of a new documentary by film maker Robert Greenwald. You may remember his award winning documentaries "Uncovered: The War On Iraq" and "Outfoxed, Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism." After the preview there will be a live conference call with film makerGreenwald.

In Glens Falls we will also have a special presentation by Glens Falls Common Council Candidate Walt Combs. Walt will be unveiling some very innovative proposals for revitalizing the Glens Falls and area economies. I am aware of these and they are pretty remarkable. I also expect a special guest from the Working Families Party. I will also have updates on our proposal for training and news on voting machines and what we may do.

To reach the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe, take Exit 18 of the Northway into Glens Falls. Past the Hannaford Supermarket, bear right at the fork in the road by the Stewart's shop. Go past the Post Office and the Hospital to the last stop light before the main intersection of Glen and Hudson Avenue downtown. The Cafe is on the left at the corner of Hudson Ave., Exchange and Elm Street.

To reach Pat Friesen's, take Broadway South. Across the street by the Dance Museum turn into Cresent and then left into Thoroughbred Drive. 36 is at the end.

2. Bring a Friend!

Just a special reminder -- do you know anyone in your family, your friends, someone you work with, go to church with or belong to some group you know who doesn't like what's going on in America today? We are looking to expand DFA. That's our part to Take Back America. Talk them into coming to one of our meetups and help us grow. It might cheer them up to realize there are other like minded people around.

3. Successful Meetup in Ballston Spa

I saw our new Meetup host in Ballston Spa last Saturday, Patrick Southworth. Pat tells me they had a very successful meetup on the 18th. We'll have more news on this in the future, but congratulations, Pat. If you are in the Ballston area and want to attend, contact Patrick at

4. Dean interview, video & appeal

Governor Dean, our founder here at DFA and now Chairman of the Democratic Party, has come off his national tour, appearing last week on Meet The Press. He also recently gave an interview, which has a video with it, to the Associated Press. You can see it at:

He also send out an appeal Monday to raise $250,000 by today (Friday) to fund a professional party organization in one more state. It was oversubscribed in 48 hours! So he has issued a new appeal to raise one million to fund a full time professional organization in four more red states. Building up our parties in the red states is how we will Take America Back; we can't just campaign in 18 states. If you didn't get his letter you can read it at:

5. Yet, again, more on the vote in November, but Rep. John Conyers needs our vote now

Info is out tonight that the Census Bureau is now saying that 125.7 millions voted -- but only 122.3 million votes were cast? What happened to the 3.4 million votes? Check out:

As we all know, brides on the lam and Michael Jackson are bigger stories than this.

Also we can cast a real enough vote for Rep. John Conyers to investigate the Downing Street Memo, which exposed Bush lied bout the War.{0F1B03E0-080B-4100-B143-36A5985EF1E3}

6. On the brighter side: remember Freedom Fries?

You probably remember the greatest inanity of the run up to the Iraq war; the effort in Congress, led by Rep. Walter Jones (R) of North Carolina, to rename french fries and french toast as freedom fries and freedom toast. Well, Jones now regrets that effort, and even more, regrets voting for the war. According to Jones. We "went to war with no justification.",12271,1491567,00.html

Thanks everyone! Remember our vets on Memorial Day!

See you next week,


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