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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Tricounty DFA Update: House Party Invite, Sweeney Forum, DSM, More Smear Of HIllary, Dean rips 'em in Boston
Hello Everyone!

In this update:

1. You are invited to Nora's House Party For DFA Thursday!
2. Sweeney Forum; are they packing the house?
3. Downing Street Memo scandal builds
4. Yet another new low in Clinton bashing
5. Gov. Dean Rips 'em In Boston
6. On the lighter side: Operation Yellow Elephant

1. You are invited to Nora's House Party For DFA Thursday!

I want to remind everyone we're all invited to Nora Nellis' Summer Solstice House Party, Thursday, June 23rd at 7pm. A live conference call with Tom Hughes, the Executive Director of Democracy For America and others is scheduled. The goal is to raise a relatively paltry $100 for DFA and we will also be discussing the latest on DFA's Walmart initiative (we'll know more about that this week) to which we contributed some interesting suggestions. But mainly it's a time to relax!

We will have some light refreshments and people are encouraged to bring snacks, desserts or beverages, if they like. These parties have been terrific in the past, so it's not to be missed!

From the Northway Exit 21 turn West onto Luzerne Road going towards Lake Luzerne. Travel about 2 miles to the Roaring Brook Dude Ranch, which is on the left hand side going towards Luzerne. Nora's is just past the entrance to Roaring Brook. It's a log home with a circular driveway and a signboard out front. There's be a Dean For America sign -- it's the only sign we have!

2. Sweeney forum on Social Security: Better Reserve a seat

Rep. John Sweeney is finally going to have Forum to discuss Social Security Reform on June 27th at 8pm.

However, our Albany Meetup members have informed us the office is taking names for reservations. If you are planning to go, you should call Sweeney's office and ask to be placed on the list. It's possible they will try and pack the hall with the usual clones to protect Sweeney from any questions. I would suggest calling the nearest office, which here would be in Glens Falls: 792-3031

The forum will be at the Clifton Park Town Hall on Vischer Ferry Road in Clifton Park. Take the Route 146 W exit of the Northway 9. 0.2 miles , Turn LEFT onto CLIFTON PARK BLVD/NY-146 W. 2.4 miles., turn Left onto CR-90/VISCHER FERRY RD. 0.7 miles, Turn Left into TOWN HALL PLZ. <0.1 miles, end at 1 Town Hall Plz Clifton Park, NY

3. Downing Street Memo scandal builds

The Post Star deserves great credit for publishing a major Knight Ridder article on page three of Sunday's paper on the Downing Street Memo, with a graphic timeline.

The Downing Street Memo scandal -- which are actually minutes of a Prime Minister's Cabinet meeting, grows ever larger as a story. Mark Danner, who wrote the first article from the New York Review of Books I referenced to all of you over a month ago, and which broke the story here in America, has written another major piece that I highly recommend, and which honors Knight-Ridder's coverage, which has been out in front in adhering to the real standards of American journalism:

DFA has almost placed a short but very well done animation that succinctly compresses the issue into an easy to understand format.

This is something we should all try and pass along to everyone we know -- frankly, not everyone will plough through a long New York Review article, but a snappy animation reaches everyone: Please pass this along! It's great!

4. Yet another new low in Clinton bashing

Anger and incredulity continues to build over a new defamatory book, The Truth About Hillary Clinton, which seems to sink to a new low (and I know that is hard to image, but it seems to be the case). David Brock, author of Blinded By The Right and founder of tears into the very many misstatements of facts and a general tone of gay-bashing innuendo that pervades the book, demanding to know how the book passed any publisher's normal fact checking: This stuff is just stunning in it's relentless mendacity.

5. Dean Rips 'em In Boston

Governor Dean had a very successful fundraiser in Boston Sunday and ripped into the right wing and the Republicans again:

Meanwhile, Marianne Means, one of the great deans of American newspaper columnists spoke out Sunday on Dean, urging him on, saying;

"But there's a reason the Democrats are in the minority everywhere in the federal government -- too much timidity in the face of controversy. Grow a spine, fellows. When the Republicans push, promptly push back."
Read the rest at:

6. On the lighter side: Operation Yellow Elephant

Since the US Army is in its worst manpower crunch since the Second World War, maybe even the Civil War, Operation Yellow Elephant is calling on all Young Republicans, now meeting in their annual convention, to enlist right away to serve in the infantry to fight the war they all so deeply believe in.

I know I will be holding my breath... NOT!

Hope you see you all at Nora's House Party Thursday!


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