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Monday, May 02, 2005
Tricounty DFA: Meetup Reminder -- 6pm!
Hello Everyone;

Just a quick reminder that we will be having our May DFA meetup in Glens Falls at a special time; 6pm, not 7pm, at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls.

Further, Pat Friesen has been forced to cancel this month's meetup in Saratoga Springs. Everyone from the Saratoga Meetup is cordially invited to come to Glens Falls, and there will be something special afterwards they may find of interest:

Matt Funiciello is presenting folksinger Dave Lippman at 8pm (this is why we are meeting early). To quote Matt, "Dave is better known as "George Shrub - The World's Only Known Singing CIA Agent". He gained much recent fame when NPR began to air his singles, "I Hate Walmart" and the always-appropriate, "Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers On Drugs". According to Matt tickets will be on sale for $10. Again, the concert starts at 8pm.

During our meetup we will be discussing:

*Our national DFA agenda item for May; they are urging us to engage in a local community volunteer project to bring attention to DFA, our people and the progressive things we stand for. An example they cite is Habitat For Humanity. If you have an idea for a community project, please send it to me and I will add it to the agenda. The floor will also be open to suggestions.

*We will be talking a bit about the Working Families Party.

*We will also be discussing a Mission Statement, which we have never had a chance to do. Rochester DFA has an excellent one we may use as a template. You can see it at: DFA Rochester Mission Statement

*We will also be holding candidate forums this year for local races. Any candidates who are interested in appearing and our endorsement should contact me at their earliest convenience.

Remember, 6pm and we will be starting on time because we have to get done by 7:30. To reach the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe, take Exit 18 of the Northway east into downtown Glens Falls. Past the Hannaford Supermarket, bear right at the Stewart's store. Go past the Post Office and the Hospital to the first intersection before the main intersection downtown. The Cafe is by the light, at the corner of Elm and Exchange Streets and Hudson Avenue.

Finally, I just received an update from Bo Lipari of New York Verified Voting. The issue of reliable and verifiable Optically Scanned Paper Ballots vs. hackable touch screen machines known as DRE's is moving forward again. I'll paste his message in at the bottom.

See you all Wednesday!

Larry Dudley


From Bo Lipari of New York Verified Voting, WWW.NYVV.ORG

After four weeks of inaction, the HAVA conference committee has finally
agreed to meet again. Last week, the Senate signed the certificate
reauthorizing the conference committee, and they are expected to meet early
this week to resolve the outstanding issues - voter verification and voting

Even with strong support for Paper Ballots/Optical Scan (PBOS) system among
many members, the HAVA conference committee seems reluctant to call for
outright adoption of this highly reliable, auditable, accessible, and cost
effective voting system. But by not requiring it now, the committee will
essentially punt the voting machine decision to the State Board of
Elections. And if that happens, we're facing many more months of fighting to
keep touch screen voting machines out of our polling places.

So, I'm asking you to call each of the ten members of the conference
committee early this week and tell them that New Yorkers want to vote on
paper ballots and precinct based optical scanners.

Call them and tell them to adopt PBOS, saving New York over 116 million
dollars in acquisition costs.

Call them and tell them to adopt PBOS, so that we have paper ballots for
recounts, and won't have to rely on flawed, unauditable touch screen

Call them and tell them to adopt PBOS, so that NY will have a proven voting
system that is used in 30% of the counties in the US, and will last 15+
years without need for replacement.

Even if you've called or written before, please do so again. Call as early
in the week as you can, as a decision may be reached within the next few

We're going to continue our fight for reliable voting equipment no matter
what happens, but right now, for the HAVA conference committee and our Paper
Ballots for NY campaign this is our last chance, last dance.

Phone numbers are below. Please call today.

Bo Lipari

The Senate Members:
John J. Flanagan, Chair, Senate Elections Committee

Nicholas Spano

Serphin Maltese

Martin Dilan

George Maziarz
Phone: 518-455-2024

The Assembly Members:
Keith Wright, Chair, Assembly Election Law Committee

RoAnn Destito

Kevin Cahill

Helene Weinstein

Fred W. Thiele Jr.


And we can also call our local representatives:

he addresses for our area are:
Senator Betty Little: 518-743-0968, 21 Bay Street Glens Falls, New York 12801
Senator Joe Bruno: (518)-583-100, 368 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward: 518-792-4546, 21 Bay Street, Suite 206 Glens Falls, NY 12801
Assemblyman Roy McDonald: 518-747-7098, 383 Broadway - Rm. 202, Fort Edward, NY 12828
Assemblyman James Tedisco: 518-370-2812, 12 Jay Street, Schenectady, NY 12305

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