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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: Successful Vigil, War Bill News, Cats and more
Hello Everyone;

First, a salute to the Glens Falls Area Interfaith Council for organizing the large vigil, march and service Sunday, and to everyone who participated in Glens Falls, in Albany or went to events in Ticonderoga Friday or Lake Luzerne Monday, which got some very nice coverage in the Tuesday Post Star.

In This Update:

1. Rep. Gillibrand To Vote For Supplemental
2. Lee Amendment Still In Play?
3. Bush Daughters: Whose Kids Die?
4. Governor Dean On Democrat's Future
5. Fundraiser For Rep. Gillibrand
6. The War Tapes Video At UU
7. Votes For DC
8. Zonta Forum On Human Trafficking
9. Friday Night Film Fest
10. A Pair of Good Democrat Cats

1. Rep. Gillibrand To Vote For Supplemental

Yesterday Rep. Gillibrand's office announced that she will be voting for the supplemental war funding bill currently before the House.

This bill has proven to be highly controversial, along with the refractory role of some conservative Democrats, and has generated enormous confusion. At latest reports, it continues the war for another year and a half, does not contain provisions to block Bush from launching a new war of aggression against Iran and privatizes the Iraqi oil industry, which, obviously, will feed and legitimize the insurgency in the eyes of the Iraqi people.

The main claim for the bill seems to be that it establishes the basic principle the US will someday leave Iraq, even if that doesn't happen for some time. Bush may veto it.

Other DFA groups and members around the country have come out in opposition. The Out Of Iraq Caucus and the Progressive Caucus have been against the measure, favoring a bil that would only fund a withdraw. But some progressives may now vote for it, anyway, while some conservative Democrats may vote against because they don't want any timeline at all. As I noted, it is a confused situation. For more perspective go to: or

3. Lee Amendment Still In Play?

However, the latest reports that I have received is that the Lee Amendment may be offered as an amendment from the floor, if allowed. It is identical to HR. 455, which we unanimously asked Rep. Gillibrand to vote for at our last meeting. It would only provide funds to protect the troops and bring them home by the end of this year.

If you are concerned about this situation, want the amendment offered and favor a positive vote on the amendment, then I would suggest you contact Rep. Gillibrand's office, if you have not done so.

We have yet to receive any response from Rep. Gillibrand's Washington office as to our resolution in favor of HR 455, now the Lee Amendment. I did receive a prompt and courteous response from Lisa Manzi in the Glens Falls office, to whom I cc:'d it.

4. Bush Daughters: Whose Kids Die?

From the very beginning this war has been about someone else's kids dying-- not the power elite.
Kitty Kelly writes a powerful piece in the L.A. Times on George and Laura Bush's "celebutard" daughters and their other relatives.

"None has enlisted in the armed services, and none seems to be paying attention to the sacrifices of military families. Until Jenna's trip to Panama, the presidential daughters performed community service only when mandated by a court after they were cited for underage drinking...",1,2865502.story

5. Fundraiser For Rep. Gillibrand

There will be a cocktail reception fundraiser for Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand on Saturday, March 24th at the Gideon Putnam Hotel, Saratoga Springs, New York, from 7 PM - 9 PM. There will also be a thank you and VIP Reception from 6 :30 PM – 7 PM.

Ticket: $125
VIP: $300
(VIP Reception and Picture w/ Congresswoman)
Host Committee $1,250
(2 Tickets to VIP Reception, table with 10 tickets)
Sponsors: $2,500
(6 tickets to the VIP Reception, 10 tickets to the reception)
Chairs: $5,000
(10 tickets to the VIP Reception, 12 tickets to the reception)

For information or to RSVP please contact
Ross Offinger (718) 344-8025

6. Governor Dean On Democrat's Future

Governor Dean has not been heard from much lately, and he is always a breath of fresh air, in his uncommon clarity of mind and purpose. He spoke recently in California:

"The problem with the Democrats is that we run away from controversial issues," he said, "and that turned out to be a big mistake."
and, "The Bush people rely on us to be chicken to talk about the tough issues." Another must read:

6. The War Tapes Video At UU

For those who missed it-- which is too bad, because it is a can't miss-- The War Tapes video will be shown this Sunday at 4 PM (March 25) , at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, followed by a pot luck supper. The War Tapes follows a group of New Hampshire National Guardsmen to Iraq and back, and is entirely composed of video the soldiers themselves shot. It is an extraordinary look at the utter madness US service members are actually confronting. The UU is located at 21 Weeks Road in Queensbury.

7. Votes For DC

Our Washington, D.C, counterpart, DC For Democracy, is asking DFA people across the country to support the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007. This bill would correct an injustice that prevents residents of the District of Columbia from being represented in Congress like other Americans. From DC For Democracy:

"The House of Representatives is currently considering a bill that would give the residents of the District of Columbia voting representation in the House, something they've never had. The legislation has bi-partisan support, but members of Congress need to hear from real people who support this bill. That's where you come in. Please take a minute and help end the disenfranchisement of over a half-million of your fellow American citizens."

Please help out and send Congress a message of support:

8. Zonta Forum On Human Trafficking

The Glens Falls Zonta Club will hold a Status Of Women dinner with a forum on the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation. Guest speaker will be Nola Theiss, Executive Director and Founder, Human Trafficking Awareness Partnership, Inc. Theiss, a former mayor, has spent the last three years raising awareness of the growing world wide crime of human trafficking.

Date: Tuesday, March 27
Place, Queensbury Hotel, downtown Glens Falls.
Cocktails at 5pm, with dinner at 6pm, desert at 7pm.
Dinner and program is $30, desert and program $15.
Please RSVP at or mail check payable to Zonta Club of Glens Falls at P.O. box 251, Glens Falls, NY 12801.

9. Friday Night Film Fest

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe Friday Night Progressive Film Fest continues at 7:30 with:

Mar 23 KEEP THE RIVER ON YOUR RIGHT (2001) David Shapiro & Laurie Gwen Shapiro 94 min.
In 1955, Tobias Schneebaum disappeared into the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. He had no guide, no map, and only he vaguest of instructions: Keep the river on your right. A year later Schneebaum emerged from the jungle...naked, covered in body paint, and a modern-day cannibal.Titled after Schneebaum’s 1969 cult classic memoir about his formative experiences living in the Amazon, KEEP THE RIVER ON YOUR RIGHT is the extraordinary stranger-than-fiction story of Schneebaum’s return to the jungle, 45 years after his original visit, to reunite with the very tribesmen he loved and who gave him nightmares for nearly half a century.

10. A Pair of Good Democrat Cats

If I can beg your indulgence for an irregular note: I recently became responsible for the affairs of a pair of elderly friends who recently had to permanently go into a nursing home. This is always very sad, but doubly so when they have pets, in this case, a pair of lovely cats who were used to much love and attention. One is a yellow male tabby with a lot of pep named Sammy, the other a grey female tuxedo cat named Mitzie with the sweetest personality who explodes into purrs with the slightest attention.

After living for some years with the doting attention of an older couple, consignment to a shelter will be a cruel fate. They are having a hard time adjusting to being alone. If anyone is in need of a cat, or has room and heart for one, please let me know at

By the way, I know these cats are good Democrats! ;-) And as we all know, Democrats have to stick together!

Many Thanks Everyone!

Larry Dudley

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