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Saturday, February 24, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update Addendum: Events & more
Hello Everyone!

I intended to include these events-- one's reminder and the others are new-- into my last update. Sorry for the omission.


1. Sustainable Food
2. G.F. Interfaith Council To March On War Anniversary
3. Albany March
4. Iraq Bloodbath If We Withdraw? Really?

1. Sustainable Food

Ruth Lamb reported at our last meeting:

"Most of the food purchased in a supermarket travels over 1500 miles before reching the store's shelves, much of it coming from California or even as far away as Chile, or China. Concerns about the diminishing oil supply are causing people to rethink their food supply. "How can we find foods that are good for us and good for the planet - foods that are grown nearby, using sustainable methods that protect the environment?"

"To answer such questions the Glens Falls UU Church, The Regional Farm and Food Project, and the Rock Hill bakeshop are sponsoring the following public meeting:
A Local Food Forum
Sunday, Feb. 25: panel at 4:00 p.m., potluck at 5:30
(moderated by Cheryl Nechamen from the
Regional Farm and Food Project)

"Don't miss this chance to be part of a dialogue between farmers and food lovers.
Learn about farmers markets, community supported agriculture (CSAs) and newer ideas for internet-farmer network buying club possibilities. The panel includes:
Liz Porter - Homestead Artisans, Richard Sandora - Northeast Corner Herbs Farm
Jen Ward - Our Farm CSA, Thomas Christenfeld - Alleged Farm CSA
Nancy Brown - Lewis Waite Farm, Kirk Childress - Saratoga chef

For more information, or 761-6125. Directions to church: Take Glen Street north, pass Walmart, take next left onto Weeks Road. Church is on the right at the end of the road.

2. G.F. Interfaith Council To March On War Anniversary

From Rev. Regina Haag of the Adirondack Friends Meeting:

An interfaith group of local faith communities ( in the Glens Falls area) is putting together a peace vigil for Sunday, March 18th, at 3:00 p.m. We will march together from City Park to the First Baptist Church for a worship service beginning at 4:00 p.m. ALL are welcome to attend and participate. We are doing this in conjunction with the national effort that you can read about at This effort is aimed at speaking out against the war in Iraq, near the 4th anniversary of the beginning of the war.

For more info, contact Regina Haag, pastor
Adirondack Friends Meeting

From Joe Lombardo of the Bethlehem Peace Alliance:

"Dear Friends,

At a meeting in Albany, 55 people representing peace groups from
throughout the region called for a march and rally to mark the 4th
anniversary of the Iraqi war - a war that has now gone on longer than the US
participation in World War II. The march and rally will be held on Sunday, March 18 at
2 PM. We will start at the Capital Plaza Museum stairs and marching to
the Federal Building. As we march, each person will carry the name of
one US GI who was killed in the Iraq war. As of today, over 3100
Americans and 650,000 Iraqis have died...

"If you’d like to participate, go to the link below to sign up for the
rally and to be assigned the name of a US GI whom you will represent at
the march. Please make a sign with his/her name and city and bring it
with you.

for more information call Joe Lombardo at 518-439-1968,, "

4. Iraq Bloodbath If We Withdraw? Really?

Martha sent this along, and I missed it (I have gotten quite behind on all my email) but it is actually very important, because it addresses what is a key but largely overlooked premise underlying the unwillingness of so many Democrats in Congress to act decisively to end the war: the belief if we pull out that there will be a bloodbath. I'm sure we've all heard this a lot, but like the recent piece in the Post by General Odom, this article decisively sets that notion to rest. It won't happen any more than is already happening. Like the idea we heard during the Vietnam War, that there would be a "domino effect" if we left, the idea of a bloodbath is largely the vaporings of so-called defense intellectuals, most of whom are Cold War retreads, most of whom are chickenhawks who never served, most of whom are neocons, most of whom don't know the history of Iraq or are area specialists who speak arabic.

Thanks everyone!

Larry Dudley

Well written article.
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