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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: War Tapes Video, Meeting Report, More
Hello Everyone!

In This Update:

1. War Tapes Movie Thursday
2. Meeting Report
3. Petition Call From Governor Dean
4. More on War & General Odom Again
5. Friday Night Film Fest
6. Local Sustainable Food Forum at UU

1. War Tapes Movie Thursday

A reminder that on Thursday, February 15th from 7pm-9pm, we will be showing the new video, The War Tapes, in the downstairs auditorium of the Crandall Library in downtown Glens Falls.

The War Tapes has been acclaimed as one of the hardest hitting and revealing documentaries made on the Iraq War. Composed entirely of footage shot by soldiers themselves using personal video cameras, it provides an unedited, unscripted, uncensored, unfiltered and uniquely candid view of what U.S. service people are actually experiencing in Iraq and what that conflict and their lives are actually like.

The Tribeca Film Festival recently awarded it Best Documentary of the year. The Washington Post wrote that it should "be required viewing in every classroom and living room in America."

For more info and to RSVP go to:

If you cannot make this screening, we will attempt to hold other screenings.

Note: This movie takes place in a war zone and is shot by soldiers themselves. It contains adult language, war violence and a brief moment of graphic nudity.

2. Meeting Report

We had a a particularly good Meeting last Wednesday! Thanks to the many people in the capacity crowd who came out on a February night. We discussed our vigils, heard reports on the big demonstration in Washington, signed cards urging our Senators to vote for the resolution condemning the escalation, heard reports from Kathy Sonnabend on an expensive Warren County boondogle and a report from Ruth Lamb on a sustainable, local food forum coming up on the 25th (see below). We also discussed the Circular Letter On Climate Change.

There was a lot of input on that, with additional language urged on energy independence with some very interesting scientific input later from Richard and Paula Bossert. Jean Rikhoff and I will have a revision sometime next week, as requested.

We ended the night with a showing of a video Wind Power In New York, which got a lot of interest.

3. Petition Call From Governor Dean

Governor Dean sent out a message today asking for us to call on Republicans to join Democrats in opposing the war.

4. More on War & General Odom Again

There's a suggestion today from columnist Green Greenwald that some Democrats in Congress may want to continue the war because they see it as being politically advantageous.

What General Odom wrote in the Sunday Washington Post, demolishing the case for sustaining an American presence in Iraq, there's no case anymore. Here's that link again if you haven't read it:

5. Friday Night Film Fest

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe Friday Night Progressive Film Fest continues at 7:30 with another video about G.I.'s in Iraq:

Feb 16 OCCUPATION: DREAMLAND (2005) Garrett Scott & Ian Olds 79 min.
Occupation: Dreamland is an unflinchingly candid portrait of a squad of American soldiers deployed in the doomed Iraq city of Falluja during the winter of 2004. A collective study of the soldiers unfolds as they patrol an environment of low-intensity conflict creeping steadily towards catastrophe. Through the squads activities Occupation: Dreamland provides a vital glimpse into the last days of Falluja. The film documents the citys waning stability before a final series of military assaults began in the spring of 2004 that effectively destroyed it. Filmmakers Garrett Scott and Ian Olds were given access to all operations of the Armys 82nd Airborne. They lived with the unit 24/7, giving voice to soldiers held under a strict code of authority as they cope with an ambiguous, often lethal environment. The result is a revealing, sometimes surprising look at Army life, operations and the complexity of American war in the 21st century.

6. Local Food Forum at UU

Ruth Lamb reported on this at the last meeting:

"Most of the food purchased in a supermarket travels over 1500 miles before reching the store's shelves, much of it coming from California or even as far away as Chile, or China. Concerns about the diminishing oil supply are causing people to rethink their food supply. "How can we find foods that are good for us and good for the planet - foods that are grown nearby, using sustainable methods that protect the environment?"

"To answer such questions the Glens Falls UU Church, The Regional Farm and Food Project, and the Rock Hill bakeshop are sponsoring the following public meeting:
A Local Food Forum
Sunday, Feb. 25: panel at 4:00 p.m., potluck at 5:30
(moderated by Cheryl Nechamen from the
Regional Farm and Food Project)

"Don't miss this chance to be part of a dialogue between farmers and food lovers.
Learn about farmers markets, community supported agriculture (CSAs) and newer ideas for internet-farmer network buying club possibilities. The panel includes:
Liz Porter - Homestead Artisans, Richard Sandora - Northeast Corner Herbs Farm
Jen Ward - Our Farm CSA, Thomas Christenfeld - Alleged Farm CSA
Nancy Brown - Lewis Waite Farm, Kirk Childress - Saratoga chef

For more information, or 761-6125. Directions to church: Take Glen Street north, pass Walmart, take next left onto Weeks Road. Church is on the right at the end of the road.

Thanks Everyone! See you all Thursday,

Larry Dudley

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