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Thursday, June 08, 2006
Quick Weekend Brief
Hello Everyone;

This is a quick update on some events this weekend:

1. Another successful meeting: Denise King report
2. Petitions-- get 'em while they are hot: Come to vigil
3. Washington Co events, Warren County Dinner
4. Dr. Tim on DFA-Link
5. Online actions
6. People Decide Corporations Aren't People
7. Estate Tax Victory

1. Another successful meeting: Denise King report

We had another great DFA-Linkup meeting Wednesday at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe. State Democratic Party Chair Denise King spoke for over an hour and we all gained many fascinating insights-- we really want to express our thanks to Denise for driving up on a rainy night from Chatham. Watch for Maury Thompson's article in the Post Star.

At the meeting we handed out nominating petitions. I know there were people who were interested in getting petitions and circulating them but were not able to come Wednesday night.

2. Petitions-- get 'em while they are hot: Come to vigil

So -- I would like to announce again we will be holding our usual weekly vigil for peace and to bring our troops home at the Five Corners In Downtown Glens Falls on Saturday at 11am. I will bring blank petitions for Kirsten Gillibrand and Dr. Tim Merrick with me as well was walk sheets so you can easily find Democrats to sign the petitions. For more info on the vigil or to RSVP go to:

3. Washington Co events, Warren County Dinner

Our Washington County Chair Sheila Comar came Wednesday, along with Warren County Chair Bill Montfort, and Sheila announced the following:

"June 10th: Petition Meeting, State Senate Candidate Tom Merrick, Clinton Video.

Democrats who want to help with petitioning for candidates on the ballot (including: Kirsten Gillibrand, Tom Merrick, and David Carter) are encouraged to attend the next county committee meeting on Saturday, June 10th, at 9:30 AM. Dr. Tom Merrick, Democratic Candidate for State Senate is scheduled to attend. Petitions will be distrubted and Patty Haley will walk us through the proper proceedure for obtaining legal and valid signatures. We will have a screening of the new Hillary Clinton video for those who wish to stay for it. Join us at the Hudson Falls Village Meeting Room (2nd floor), 220 Main Street, Hudson Falls. Refreshments will be served.

June 12th: Kirsten Gillibrand Democratic Candidate for Congress will be at One One One in Greenwich for a fundraiser. RSVP to or 518-694-4267. We have almost 50 people attending already! Don't miss this one. See why those who know Kirsten say, "She has what it takes to win!"

Kirsten has been to Washington County at our Women's Luncheons, for a House Party in Granville hosted by Sheila and Lee Comar, at her first Open Forum hosted by Chris Kopec and Alan Wrigley, in Granville for the Labor Event Ed Burkhart organized and at our March 6th Committee meeting. Let's show our support and thanks on the 12th!"

Bill Montfort also announced the Warren County Committee is having a steak dinner at the Queensbury Country Club Friday night. Kirsten Gillibrand is the guest speaker, I am not sure if space is available, though.

4. Dr. Tim on DFA-Link

Dr. Tim Merrick of Plattsburg, who many of us will remember from the February DFA Training Day at the Plumber's and Steamfitters Hall, made a brief guest appearance at the meeting. Dr. Tim, as he is known, is running against Betty Little fopr the 45th State Senatorial District. He made a few remarks, but he will be coming on down to our July meeting for a full presentation. In the meanwhile, if you would like, you can join me in showing your personal support for Tim's candidacy by going to DFA-Link and clicking on to indicate your support for his candidacy.

5. Online actions

There are a couple of online actions that caught my eye: the first is to join True Majority to help keep the internet free from corporate takeover:

The second is to preserve women's right to purchase birth control measures at their pharmacy of choice (this is the next big battle ground being planned by the radical right):

Also, PBS and NPR funding is under attack again:

6. People Decide Corporations Aren't People

There was a fascinating voter initiative in California this week that is worth reading about: voters in Humboldt County declared that under the law corporations do not have the legal status of people. There are many scholars who feel the aftermath of the 19th century Union Pacific case, where corporations basically acquired human rights through a legal interpretation, was the beginning of the corruption of American democracy as envisioned by The Founders.

7. Estate Tax Victory

Finally, Democrats won a huge victory in the Senate this week when they beat back a Republican effort to abolish the Estate Tax. Drew sent this hilarious piece below, and it may explain why we won-- this is the kind of political literature we all can love.

Thanks! Remember, I'll be at the vigil with the petitions.


Bush to Tour Mansions Ravaged by Estate Tax

President George W. Bush is encouraging Congress to focus on perhaps the most dire issue facing the nation today: the estate tax and its devastating impact on the richest Americans. Mr. Bush said that repealing the tax could aid tens, even dozens of Americans. Former FEMA chief and Arabian horse expert Michael Brown has been tapped to reach out to the victims of the tax.

Cargo planes arrive carrying fois gras and veuve cliquot

By Deanna Swift

WASHINGTON, DC—President Bush is encouraging members of Congress not to delay in their efforts to improve the fortunes of some of the worst suffering Americans: those devastated by the estate tax. Mr. Bush said that repealing the tax could aid tens, even dozens of Americans.

A tour of devastated estates planned
President Bush plans to visit Bridgehampton, NY, Aspen, CO and Rancho Santa Fe, CA later this week, where he will tour the mansions of some of the Americans hardest hit by the tax. Aides to the President say that he will first survey the properties from the air in an effort to assess the impact of the estate tax on landscaping, pool maintenance and fleets of cars.

The death tax earns its name
While the surcharge on wealth is formally know as the “estate tax,” over time it has come to be known as the “death tax” due to its devastating impact on the nation’s wealthy. “These are people who have been forced to choose between unbelievably expensive works of art and other unbelievably expensive works of art,” explained one source close to the White House. “In the President’s view, no one should have to do without the necessities of life.”

A point man appointed
In a sign of just how serious Mr. Bush is about helping victims of the tax, he has tapped former FEMA head Michael Brown to liaise with those most in need of help: the wealthiest 2% of Americans. Mr. Brown, known as “Brownie,” will join Mr. Bush on the tour of mansions and other properties upon which the estate tax has rained down wrath. “He’s the right person for the job,” said one source close to Mr. Brown. “He feels the pain of these people and he wants to make sure that they get what they need ASAP.”

On the ground, fois gras and veuve clicquot
Air Force One will be accompanied by cargo planes loaded with emergency supplies for the mansion occupants. On its way: individual servings of fois gras, chilled veuve clicquot with champagne flutes and an allotment of truffles for residents who have gone without them for as many as two days.

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