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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Tricounty DFA Flash
Hello Everyone;

First, Happy Passover to all our Jewish members!

On Friday starting at around 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Kirsten and Jonathan Gillibrand will be at Jolly John's Fish Fry here in Glens Falls to do a "meet and greet."

As long time Glens Falls residents know, Jolly John's is a local lenten tradition. Jolly himself -- John Kemnitzer, is the former Glens Falls Democratic Councilman from the Fifth Ward. Traditionally, the whole Kemnitzer family (and friends) show up to help, including Paul Kemnitzer, former Glens Falls City Treasurer, who won office in what may be the biggest landslide in city history.

So if you want to meet, or just say hello to Kirsten Gillibrand, this is a great chance to do it.

The Fish Fry is on 134 Ridge Street, in downtown Glens Falls, directly across from the firehouse.

And don't forget our vigil Saturday from 11am to noon at the Five Corners in downtown Glens Falls.

Have a great holiday weekend!


p.s. The fish is great, too.

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