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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Tricounty DFA Update: Voting Machine Demonstration Thursday
Hello Everyone!

In This Update:

1. Voting Machine Demonstration Thursday
2. Who Are The New Despots We've Created In Iraq?
3. Dean Speaks in Depth-- Katrina, The Party, Elections
4. Friday Film Fest
5. Meet Spitzer
6. Saturday Vigils Continue
7. Forests For Sale?
8. On The Lighter Side

1. Voting Machine Demonstration Thursday

What may be the most important event in the foreseeable future for us in our local DFA group is coming up this Thursday, April 27 at the Glens Falls Civic Center: From noon to 7pm the Boards of Elections of Saratoga, Warren, Washington and Essex Counties will be demonstrating new voting machines that are being proposed for our use in future elections.

We will be able to see and test these machines. But the important part, something every single one of us should make every effort to stop by and participate in, is that there will be official comment forms that become part of the legal record as the process of deciding on new voting machines moves forward.

We want to make it clear as possible the American people want paper ballot machines. Many reputable computer scientists, like Bo Lipari of New York Verified Voting, who we hosted in November, attest that all electronic touch screen machines can be hacked and are inherently dangerous to our democracy. Many observers feel these touch screen machines are already responsible for stealing recent elections.

In the article linked below from the American Prospect, you will read how deeply concerned Governor Dean is about these machines. What we want is called PB/OS for paper ballot/optically scanned. The critical factor is that the marked paper ballot is the REAL ballot, not memory stored on a chip that can be changed. The paper ballots can be recounted if there is a failure or hanky panky.

It is critical that you indicated on the forms that you want PB/OS!

A copy of the official invitation to this event from the Boards is online at DFA-Link: Print one off and bring it if you wish.

I will be there at about 5:15. Anyone who wants to go in as a group can rally then! Please bring a friend, or two or three.

Our democracy really is at stake in this issue. Let's not let another stolen election happen because of our apathy and inaction!

2. Who Are The New Despots We've Created In Iraq? Must Read Of The Week.

It's been in the news that a new government has been formed in Iraq. Who are these officials our troops are now fighting for? The answer is former-- and present -- terrorists in the Iranian linked Dawa Party. Maliki, the new premier, spent years in Iran.

Even a cursory read of this article makes it clear we are not fighting for freedom in Iraq, but to cut deals with vicious, sadistic religious fundamentalists friendly to Iran who want to take their country and its people back to the middle ages.

3. Dean Speaks in Depth-- Katrina, The Party, Elections

The DNC just had its yearly convention in New Orleans, which has put the spotlight on Governor Dean, who spoke at length. He also recently had a lengthy breakfast with the staff of the American Prospect. A full transcript, which is unusual, being rather long, is now online and it gives a superb view of what's up and how we are going to take our country back.

Dean also spoke in New Orleans on the importance of Hurricane Katrina:,,-5772133,00.html

And on building up the Party at all levels, not just trying to grab a few prestige slots:

4. Friday Film Fest

On Friday, the 28th, at 7pm the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in Downtown Glens Falls will hold the next in its Progressive Film Fest with a tripleheader:
Independent Media In A Time Of War (
Part scathing critique, part call to action. Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman argues that dialogue is vital to a healthy democracy.

Voices Against War: F15 NYC (
Chronicles the experiences of "ordinary" people on the streets of Manhattan as they joined millions around the globe in "The World says No To War" protests.

The Speeches Of Malcolm X
In his own words. This is a short collection of excerpted speeches from one of the great leaders of the civil rights movement.
Running time: approx 95 Minutes (all three together) Admission is free.

5. Meet Spitzer

On Saturday April 29th at 7pm at the SEIU Hall in Albany there will be a special opportunity for all DFA members to hear and meet the future Governor of the State of New York, Eliot Spitzer. There will be a leadership conference earlier in the day as well. If you want to hear Spitzer, you should RSVP at: (also info)

6. Saturday Vigils Continue

The Saturday morning vigils for peace and to bring our troops home that Bernice Mennis started will continue this Saturday at 11am for one hour at the Five Corners in Downtown Glens Falls. Since Saturday is the day of the big demonstration in NYC, it would be nice to have a good showing here in Glens Falls. For more info or to RSVP go to : Bernice suggests we try to increase our numbers this time by bring just one extra person!

7. Forests For Sale?

Wendy brought to my attention Saturday that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is issuing an urgent appeal for the National Resources Defense Council: the Bush administration is proposing to sell off 300,000 acres of National Forest lands to private interests -- probably loggers. It is feared that this sale, as colossal as it is, is merely the entering wedge of even more lands and even national monuments. To send a petition to the Forest Service go to:

8. On The Lighter Side

Finally, on the lighter side,Roger sends this along --- the Decider Guy goes Koo KOo cha choo.

Thanks everyone!


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