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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Saturday, February 11, 2006
Tricounty DFA Weekend Update
Hello Everyone!

In This Update:

1. Training Day Report & Thanks
2. Trained Activist Page Up
3. Governor Dean On Face The Nation Sunday
4. DFA Voting Technology Petition
5. Kirsten Gillibrand Reception
6. Jane Bouchard Needs Clippers

1. Training Day Report & Thanks

First: a report on last Saturday's DFA Training Day in South Glens Falls. A crowd of activists filled the Plumber's and Steamfitter's Hall until it nearly overflowed; in fact, so many people showed up, the training team ran out of manuals. All week I've been getting enthused, even thrilled reports on the quality of presentations everyone received.

Special thanks, of course, goes first to the DFA Training Academy Team from Burlington who gave up their day off between their bi-weekly trips around the county conducting training sessions for activists in different states: DFA Executive Director Tom Hughes, Training Academy Coordinator Arshad Hasan, Field Director Chris Warshaw and Lakshmi Barot.

Most of these sessions in other areas are state-wide. A measure of the success of the event is that about 60 people showed up last Saturday. A DFA training weekend in Kentucky last year that was state-wide drew 65.

Great thanks also goes to Larry Bulman, Saratoga County Democratic Chair and Business Manager of the Plumber's and Steamfitters Local 773, not only for his last minute funding effort, the use of his union's hall, but also his belief and understanding of the importance of modern, up to date, field operations. Thanks also to the Saratoga County Democratic Committee, Larry Bulman's PAC and Denise King for securing matching funding from the Dutchess County Democratic Committee and the State Party.

I also want to thank our volunteers: Pat Dudley, our outstanding catering manager, who with Dick Dudley donated extra supplies for the great luncheon everyone had. Also Hosting Committee volunteers Drew Monthie, Bob Rockwell, Miranda Kyhill, Deb Liddle-Hallahan and Roy Thomas.

2. Trained Activist Page Up

A special Trained Activist webpage has been set up on DFA-Link to allow the participants in the Training Day to keep in touch, work together and share information and experience. This is a great tool for all of us to use and share.

3. Governor Dean On Face The Nation Sunday

An alert that Governor Dean will be on Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer Sunday Morning. In the Albany area that would be on Channel Six at 10am. Given the frayed quality of the Democratic response lately, a dose of the Governor is long overdue.

4. DFA Voting Petition -- And State Action

Voting Technology issues are heating up again. DFA earlier this week issued a call for a national petition on voting reform issues.

"The survival of our democracy demands that every vote be counted accurately. That's why Democracy for America members around the country are working with Congress and other organizations every day to ensure the integrity of your vote. We have made some progress. But this is crunch time. The mid-term elections are just eight months away. We must act now to ensure that our voting systems produce accurate and verifiable results every single time.
Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in Congress has resisted every call for real reform. Well, we can't wait any longer for Washington to act. The way to protect our elections is to go right to the source by reaching out to town and county election officials". -- Tom Hughes, DFA Executive Director.

These petitions will be returned to DFA groups at the state and local level to be submitted to local and state Boards of Elections. (More to come on that later) So please sign today and direct everyone else's attention to this critical issue, too:

5. Kirsten Gillibrand Reception

From Washington County Democrats:
Christine Kopec and Alan Wrigley cordially invite you to a reception to meet Kirsten Gillibrand, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 20th District

Sunday, February 19, 2006 at 3:00 p.m.
95 Dunbar Road
Cambridge, New York

Contact: 518-677-3876 Snacks and refreshments provided.

Directions: From Greenwich- stay on 372 heading to Cambridge. As you come down the long hill at Stevenson Road(top of hill) you will be approaching County Rte 62, go left onto rte 62, travel approximately 0.7 mile and turn left onto Dunbar Road, # 95 is approx one half mile. It is a large, old, white farmhouse on the left. Ignore the circular drive and head toward the barns to park. Use the back door.

6. Jane Bouchard Needs Clippers

Jane Bouchard is clipping the Times Union, the Gazette and the Saratogian for the Gillibrand campaign. She is also looking for someone to work with her and take responsibility for clipping the Post-Star. If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact Jane at

And last but not least, don't miss this great post by our Delaware Otsego DFA Host/Coordinator, Kelly Keck:

Thanks everyone!


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