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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Tricounty DFA Update: upcoming agenda, events, Rove scandal, more
Hello Everyone;

First, I hope you are all keeping cool and having a great summer!

President Bush has asked the networks for time tonight to announce his Supreme Court choice. It is widely rumored to be Edith "Joy" Clement of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in Shreveport. Bush is said to be moving this up because of the Rove Spy scandal. She has apparently stated that she regards Roe v. Wade as established law, so she superficially seems more moderate than expected, so this may be positive fallout from the scandal -- they may feel that can't afford a fight right now.

In this update:

1. Conference call report and DFA agenda for the next few months
2. Saratoga Fundraiser
3. Washington County Picnic
4. Scandal heating up: Petitions on Rove & DSM
5. Estate Tax Repeal?
6. Iraq, Dems on rebound, Eminent Domain, Costco
7. Hillary raising $2mil a month
8. Dean Wowing the West

1. Conference call report and DFA agenda for the next few months

In a recent conference call with local meetup coordinators, our DFA staff in Burlington laid out what they are proposing to be DFA's national agenda for the next few months.

For August, they are going to send to each local group a print out of all the people in our area who have signed the DFA petition urging Congress to investigate the Downing Street Memo . They want us to have a Action Day on or around 8/17 to present these petitions to our Congressional representatives; in our case John Sweeney. This was pretty effective the last time around, and I would propose we participate. If you haven't signed, there is still time at:

With the Rove/Libby scandal now confirmed, and pointing increasing towards ever higher ranking officials (Cheney? Rice? Even Bush?) this couldn't be more timely since ultimately this scandal is about hiding the lies that led us to war.

For the September meetup they are proposing a joint action with Not My Child, a nationwide parent's group counseling the parents of high school students that they can "opt-out" under the No Child Left Behind Law that allows military recruiters into the schools to recruit students. If you send in a "opt out" form, recruiters are not allowed to approach your child.

For November they are proposing to return to Walmart; Robert Greenwald's new film we previewed in June, Walmart: The High Price Of The Low Price, will be coming out then.

2. Saratoga Fundraiser

Saratoga County Democratic Chairman Larry Bulman and Ballston Town Chair Patrick Southworth would like to invite you to a fundraiser for Saratoga County Democratic candidates J. D. Wood, David Stern, and Patti Southworth on July 30th from noon to 4pm at the Lake Side Farm Cider Mill in Ballston Lake, NY. Guest speaker is former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Andrew Cuomo. Denny Farrell, NY State Democratic Committee Chairman, is also scheduled to appear along with Assemblyman Bob Reilly. Tickets are $30 for adults, $10 for children and $50 for sponsors. Please R.S.V.P. to Ballston Town Chair Patrick Southworth at 518-281-4618. To reach the Cider Mill, take Northway Exit 11 and four miles West. The mill is on the right.

3. Washington County Picnic

"Please join us at our 5th Annual Picnic at Lake Lauderdale Park (on Route 22 in the Town of Jackson) on Saturday, July 30th. The picnic will take place at the Park Pavillion and will begin at 10:00 AM. Guest speakers will be secheduled from noon to 2:00 PM.
We'll supply beer, soda, hot dogs and burgers, you bring side dishes, chairs and blankets.
Cost: $15 per person or $25 per couple, students: $6. For tickets, contact a town chair or Sheila Comar at 642-9566.

4. Scandal heating up: Petitions on Rove & DSM

The "Rovergate" spy outing scandal is gaining steam by the day; this looks to be at least as big as Watergate. There are online petitions demanding his resignation or an end to the coverup at: and :

5. Estate Tax Repeal?

A variety of groups are calling an action alert on the Estate Tax. We are being urged to write Senators Clinton and Schumer.

What's this about? The US Senate is may soon vote on a tax cut that would reduce the federal government's income by $1 trillion dollars over the next 10 years by drastically reducing the estate tax - a tax that only the wealthiest 2% of Americans are required to pay. A "compromise" currently focuses on Senator Kyl's proposal to reduce the tax by more than 90% - not much different from repealing the tax altogether.

The estate tax applies to inherited estates with values over $1.5 Million Dollars,. In 2001, only 52,000 people in the entire United States paid the estate tax - only 3,859 in NYS. The estate tax was created to prevents the over concentration of wealth and ensure the small percentage of wealthy taxpayers who have the resources to legally avoid paying other taxes pay their fair share .

For an online petition and more info go to Americans for a Fair Estate Tax:

An alternative is the UCC Take Action Site (pardon a denominational one, if need be, but you can customize it):

6. Iraq, Dems on rebound, Eminent Domain, Costco

The war in Iraq is rapidly deteriorating. Last weekend there were an incredible ten suicide bombers in one single day.

The Dems are rebounding. This is a good peice for London's Financial Times.

Drew sends this along in regard to our resolution on the Supreme Court's ruling on Eminent Domain: These people's plight ought to disturb all of us.

Both Rosemary and Drew sent this piece following up on our resolution to urge Costco to consider our area. Rosemary called and got a representative on the phone. She says she "Called them last week and there are no new stores planned for NY up until October. She said she was taking down everything I was saying and passing it on."

7. Hillary raising $2mil a month

Hillary is raising a scorching 2 million a month as she tools up for her reelection bid:
However, there have been demands that she apologize to Mad Magazine cover dolt Alfred E. Newman for comparing him to President Bush. Indeed. Alfred may be dumb, but like Forrest Gump, deep down he is good. Even Alfred would know it's wrong to leak the name of a secret intelligence agent.

She also gave a rousing address yesterday to the National Council of La Raza, the nation's largest Hispanic group:

8. Dean Wowing the West

Gov. Dean is stumping the West, to large crowds and rave reviews. Local Democrats who were skeptics of Dean as Chairman have now become enthusiastic backers. Part of the reason is that the Governor refuses to write any area of the country off the way the Party did in the past (like here in the 20th) and he is building up the infrastructure to win.

This account by an attendee gives a strong sense in considerable detail (if you have time) of what a Dean speech is like.

Thanks everybody! Enjoy the season.


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