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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
GF-Tricounty DFA: Another successful Meetup Report
Hello Everyone;

In this update:

1. Another Successful Meetup!
2. Social Security Initiatives: we need 10 people Thursday!
3. Dean Appeals For Support, travels to Arkansas, funds state parties
4. Take Action: People's Email Network: Bolton, Bankruptcy and Funding the War & UCC on Trade etc.
5. Links: So many scandals, so little time...

1. Another Successful Meetup!
Last week we celebrated our Second Anniversary as a Dean/DFA Meetup at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe. We had a big crowd for our special guest, Columbia County Attorney Kirsten Gillibrand, who is in the early phases of exploring a race against Rep. John Sweeney. After she introduced herself and spoke briefly, we had a lengthy discussion for her on what we believe the critical issues facing the 20th Congressional really are. It was a fascinating and rewarding evening! I think we all were impressed by her, and she was impressed by our group and the very useful forum.

I would note that next month's meetup will be held at a different time: 6pm. Antiwar, anti-Bush, folk singer David Lippman, best known for his singles, "I Hate WalMart" and "Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs" will be appearing at the Cafe at 7:30. There is a $5 charge to hear Lippman, but I understand he is hilarious and worth it. However! This means we will be starting at 6pm sharp! We'll have to! Please plan accordingly and please be on time! I know we have a tendency to start slow, but we should be used to Daylight Savings Time by then.

2. Social Security Initiatives

At the meetup we decided to join in two initiatives to save Social Security:

On Thursday we agreed to join the nation wide DFA effort to meet with our Congressional representatives and present them with our Social Security narratives. I contacted Rep. Sweeney's Glens Falls office and Sweeney representative James Clark called back today to agree to meet with us. The scheduled time is from 12:30 to 1pm Thursday. The local office is at 21 Bay Street in Downtown Glens Falls in the Rogers Building next to the Charter One Bank and across the street from the Crandall Library. We will be gathering across the street in the park by the Church of the Messiah. They only have room for ten of us, so please let me know right away if you want to come!

The second initiative is a Town Meeting to be held at the Saratoga Springs Public Library on April 25th at 6pm. In this case we really want to get as many people involved as possible. I will be sending another update about the Town Meeting later on.

3. Dean Update

This evening Governor Dean sent out an appeal to support the first of his major initiatives to rebuild the Democratic Party, launch a 50 State Strategy and Take America Back. Those of us who have been with our meetup for more than a year will know this is the continuation of the winning 50 State Strategy we originally were building before we were rudely interrupted. Here's his message: The Governor's Message
He doesn't contact us very often for support so it's important we respond: Support

Gov. Dean spent most the weekend at the National Association of State Democratic Chairs in Little Rock. Dean announced a major new funding initiative to start the long over due process of building up our state parties and the grassroots: Dean 1
Dean 2

Gov. Dean is also getting grudging respect even from conservatives as he talks about the 50 State campaign, generating Democratic principles from the grassroots up and not top down from self-styled party "elites," i.e. corporate shills like the DLC. Check out this conservative columnist, it's very interesting and promising:
Dean 3

4. Take Action: People's Email Network: Bolton, Bankruptcy and Funding the War & UCC on Trade

From messages you send me I know you are interested in ways of contacting Congress on Issues. The best way is always to phone. A handwritten letter is next best, followed by a typed one. But there are so many issues, many of us only have time for email.

The People's Email Network ACTION Alert is interesting because they offer pages to email automatically on a variety of current issues. Here are three on funding the war (remember, Vietnam only ended when Congress cut off the money), the Bolton appointment and the atrocious Bankruptcy Bill:

War Funding

Senator Boxer is also on the Bolton issue: Boxer Fights Bolton

Also the UCC has an action network that is unique as far as I know. This effort is non-denominational and addresses social issues only. For instance they are the only ones focusing on the awful Central American Trade Pact Issue right now as well as many others absolutely no one is paying attention to, like AIDS, Temporary Assistance to Families In Need, Third World Debt Relief, Depleted Uranium and more: Take Action
If anyone thinks it is not appropriate to link to this, please let me know. I'm a little unsure of this, so I hope it is okay, it does seem unique.

On the trade issue, David Sirota is also pushing the Trade Issue and notes a big story on this: Sen. Bayh has come out against the Portman appointment, which as Sirota notes, finally means the tide on trade in the Demcratic Party is finally turning. Trade

5. Links: So many scandals, so little time...

Drew Monthie sent this along on how much money Rep. Sweeney got from Tom DeLay:
Sweeney & DeLay

The Voting Fraud lawsuit is still grinding on in Ohio: the latest is that a criminal investigation is now underway of voting irregularities.

It's probably no surprise Administration Neocons wrecked prospects for Democracy in Iraq by crushing Iraqi unions. So much for building Democracy: Iraqi Unions Crushed By US

Through all the "turning the corner" blather you may not have heard 300,000 demonstrated against the American presence in Iraq:
Iraqis Demonstrate

Or that the Pentagon is hiding casualties: Pentagon

And another story you probably didn't hear: Bush was loudly booed by the crowd at the Pope's funeral when Bush's face was flashed on the jumbotron screen. Bush Booed

Many thanks! Again, please let me know if you want to come Thursday to talk to Sweeney's representative on Social Security!

My best,


The link for Sweeney and DeLay doesn't seem to work. I'm very interest in following that up if you can get it to me that'd be great. Thanks!
Hello Lisa;

I sent you a reply but the message was bounced back. Sorry.
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