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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Tricounty DFA Update: Gov. Dean On Afghanistan, NY-26, Gibson votes, moreKathy
Hello Everyone!

In this update for May 9, 2011;

1. Gov. Dean Now Calls For Afghan Change\
2. Reminder To Sign Up WIth Us At DFA-Link
3. Kathy Hochul in NY-26 Now In The Lead
4. Gibson Hits New Lows
5. Washington County Democratic Women's Luncheon

1. Gov. Dean Now Calls For Afghan Change

News came yesterday of a major new initial from DFA National based on demands from members and local groups and a shift in position by DFA founder Gov. Dean. Dean is now calling for a phased withdrawal. Dean made an extensive case in an interview with the Daily Beast:
More info on Dean and DFA National at:

DFA National is asking everyone to join as a citizen co-sponsor of a withdrawal bill authored by Sen. Barbara Boxer and co-sponsored by Sen. Gillibrand, Sen. Sherrod Brown and Sen. Durbin. Read the bill and sign on at:

Kirsten also sent an excellent message out on this via DFA earlier in the day.

2. Reminder To Sign Up WIth Us At DFA-Link

While you are signing on as a cosponsor, please take a few seconds extra to sign on to DFA-Link and our group: this will help make sure you get updates, and you will also be able to get more information on the DFA site, for instance, past training sessions.

3. Kathy Hochul in NY-26 Now In The Lead

At the recent Democratic Rural Conference there was a lot of talk about the special election to Congress on May 24th in the 26th Congressional District in Western NY. Democrat Kathy Hochul now has a slight lead in one of the most rock-ribbed Republican districts in the country. If this seat flips Democratic, it will set off national shockwaves and help roll back the tea party surge.

They are looking for people to phone bank from home. If you have some spare time, contact, or if you can go west to volunteer contact or

2. Gibson Hits New Lows

In the meantime Rep. Chris Gibson has been a busy fellow. He voted:

*To repeal mandatory funding to set up health insurance exchanges under healthcare reform. The grants are part of the 2010 health care bill which requires each state to establish an exchange by 2014.

*To repeal a section in the 2010 health care bill providing funding for the construction of school-based health centers.

*He voted for the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act - which would prohibit federal funds from being used for abortions, except in the cases of rape, incest or danger to the woman's life, and to bar most abortion expense deductions and tax credits for healthcare policies that cover abortions.

*He also voted to defeat a Democratic sponsored measure to bar the IRS from accessing medical records to establish whether rape or incest occurred, in connection with a provision in HR3 making abortion costs not tax deductible except in cases of rape or incest

*And to require the Interior Department to sell oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Virginia.

*Gibson also voted against a Democratic sponsored measure for a direct vote to end $30 billion in subsidies and tax breaks for the oil industry and use the money for tax breaks to industries to create jobs.

This all speaks for itself. As I noted before, we need volunteers to help put information on

5. Washington County Democratic Women's Luncheon

And don't forget the Washington County Democratic Women's Luncheon:

You are invited to the Washington County Democratic Women's Luncheon on Friday, May 20th from Noon-2pm at the Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge, NY. Tracey Brooks, President of Family Planning Advocates of New York will be the featured speaker. Brooks was former regional director for Sen. Clinton. $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Men are of course, welcome!

For information call Barbra Kinglsey at 518-677-5921 or Ellen Faber at 518-677-8345., Mail checks made out to WCDC to Ellen Faber, 100 East Main Street, Cambridge, NY 12816

Thanks, everyone! Remember, we still need volunteers for


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