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Sunday, September 12, 2010
Tricounty DFA Update: The Meaning of Four In A Row, Primary Reminder & Info

Hello Everyone!

In this update for September 12th, 2010:

1. The Meaning of Four In A Row
2. What To Do?
3. Primary Reminder And Personal Recommendation for Eric Schneiderman

1. The Meaning of Four In A Row: Follow Up On Murphy Report

Although we are hearing quite a bit of doom and gloom around the country about Democrat's prospects, I think Scott is in a good position and is about to do something historic, and in fact, he already has. So far, he is significantly out fundraising GIbson. We have never had a Democratic candidate here who had more money than the Republican at any point in a race. That is truly remarkable, and really says something about Scott as a candidate. I don't know why this hasn't gotten more attention.

But once he is reelected— and I believe he will be—Democratic candidates will have won four Congressional races in a row. I don't believe we have had four Democrats elected here in a row since the Revolution. With four in a row it be undeniably clear that a profound long term trend is underway.

Many of you have heard my talk over the years about how we actually live in West Vermont, that our area is the western most part of New England, and the 20th CD should be blue on the map the way New England is. Four in a row will start to make that a reality. It will demoralize the Republicans. Their fear and intimidation will lose credibility. Democrats up and down the district will start to rise, and our politics will increasingly resemble our progressive Green Mountain State neighbor, as they should.

That means this could really be a transformative election, with the district changing for the better in all kinds of profound ways. The society, the culture will start to follow, it will open up to new ideas and forces as change and confidence and free initiative returns. Just as there is a lot at stake nationally, with the control of Congress, there is an awful lot at stake right here at home.

This is going to be a good race, a very worthwhile race, even a fun race that everyone will want to be involved in, and can look back on and be proud of. I have been in all kinds of races over the years, but that is the kind that can't be beat.

2. What To Do?

Here's a few suggestions just to start:

Letters to the Editor

Particularly here in Glens Falls, we are lucky to have a newspaper that will publish letters. I suggest you write a letter supporting Scott Murphy in your own words, and get the facts out on Gibson: he wants to take us backwards on health reform, and he will have to support the dismantling of Social Security, and, indeed, the whole safety net. Keep it positive, and under 300 words. Here's where to send them:
The Post Star:
The Saratogian:
The Chronicle:
Go to the AAUW Media Action page, enter your zip code and get a list of additional newspapers and email addresses.


Go to Scott's Facebook page at
and hit the like button to show your support. There is a volunteer tab if you want to do that. Then suggest to all your friends on Facebook that they do the same.


Go to Murphy 's Headquarters (on 5 Warren here in Glens Falls), get a sign, make a donation, volunteer and get a sign and bumper sticker. Incidentally, the Republican's are already up to their old practice of destroying signs, so keep an eye on any Democrat's signs that you see for theft of vandalism-- and report it.

I'll have more in a few days.

3. Primary Reminder And Personal Recommendation for Eric Schneiderman

There is a primary election on Tuesday, mainly for Attorney General. I have had a number of people asking for info, and who the progressive candidate is. None of them are really bad, but I would note that Rice was a Republican who didn't even bother to vote until she was 37 years old, and that the AG's office has absolutely zero to do with drunk driving.

I think the clear progressive choice is Eric Schneiderman. I know our DFA counterparts in NYC have long been big backers of Schneiderman-- he has a solid progressive record and backing. Over two years ago Schneiderman wrote a brilliant article for The Nation on the need for "Transformational Politics." I suspect everyone on this list who reads it will know who they want to vote for. It's at:

He also organized getting Hiram Monserrate expelled from the Senate after his domestic abuse case, and led the reform of the dreadful Rockfefeller era drug laws.

Schneiderman has also been endorsed by The Nation, The New York Times, The TImes Union, as well as columnists like David Sirota. You can read the Times unusually strong endorsement at:
Sirota is a must read at:

Thanks everyone! See you all soon,


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