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Thursday, March 26, 2009
Hello Everyone;

In this update for March 26, 2009:

1. Gov. Dean Returns To DFA For Healthcare Reform
2. DFA 5th Anniversary Party Thanks
3. Our Sixth Anniversary Meeting Next Week
4. Special Election Tuesday

1. Gov. Dean Returns To DFA For Healthcare Reform

We had a great DFA 5th BIrthday Party yesterday. The highlight was the conference call and the return of Governor Dean to DFA! Now that he has completed his term at the DNC, the Governor is leading the fight for healthcare reform in America. It's clear no one understands it better.

DFA has put up a new website for this effort:

Last night the Governor asked everyone to go to the site and sign his petition for healthcare reform. They are asking for 10,000 signatures tomorrow, 250,000 before legislation is introduced in Congress.

Dean says the key issue in the fight is "opt-in" -- everyone should have the right to buy into the government's Medicare system. This will bring down costs and protect everyone. The insurance industry hates this because they don't want competition to break up the cozy deal they have going.

So, please, tonight, go to and sign Govenor Dean's petition for healthcare reform. We'll be talking what we can do at our meeting Wednesday.

2. DFA 5th Anniversary Party Thanks

We had a large crowd and a great time in the conference room at the Women's Health Institute yesterday. Special thanks go out to our pastry chef extraordinaire Pat Dudley for the two spectacular birthday cakes she baked, and to the big guy, Doug Auer, for getting us the meeting space and donating beverages and pastries. Thanks also to Deb Liddle and Bernice Mennis for wine and Kathy Sonnabend for chips. It was good to see so many old friends together!

3. Our Sixth Anniversary Meeting Next Week

On next Wednesday, April 1st, we'll have our monthly Greater Glens Falls/Tricounty DFA meeting at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls.

But this won't be just another meeting: it will also be our sixth year of continuous operation as either Dean For America or Democracy For America.

It's weird to think it's been six years-- in some ways it seems an eternity, so much has happened, but in other ways, it seems like it just happened!

There's a second reason Wednesday's meeting is such a big deal: DFA and Dr. Dean is stepping into leadership in making healthcare reform happen. That's a big new role for DFA, and a big challenge for all of us, and we'll be planning and discussing our role in this great effort. It's going to be exciting campaign again with Dr. Dean!

Thank you all for making this such a phenomenal six years! It has literally been the best experience of my life and an honor and a privilege for me.

4. Special Election Tuesday

As we all know, the special Congressional election is coming up on Tuesday. Scott Murphy contacted Dick on Jan 27. A few days later Dick offered to arrange to have him meet with our DFA Steering Commitee at almost any time or any place. Regretably we did not hear back from Mr. Murphy or his staff. Accordingly, we were unable to make any endorsements.

Thanks everyone! Make sure you go online and sign the petition at:

See you all Wednesday at the Cafe to fight for healthcare reform!


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