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Friday, January 16, 2009
Tricounty DFA Update: MLK Day Events, Last of Bush, more
Hello Everyone!

Only four more days of the worst President in the history of the United States! Is it still too late to impeach him?

In this update for January 15th, 2009:

1. Martin Luther King Day Events & Congratulations To Roy Thomas
2. Bush's Last Dance Party
3. Must Reads: Limiting Debate-- Limiting Change
4. Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe Progressive Film Festival

1. Martin Luther King Day Events & Congratulations To Roy Thomas

Congratulations are in order to Glens Falls DFA member Roy Thomas, the newly elected head of the reactivated Glens Falls NAACP! We all know Roy will do a great job breathing the Glens Falls Chapter back to life.

The Chapter will be holding the annual commemoration of Martin Luther King Day this Sunday, January 18th in downtown Glens Falls. The event begin in front of Glens Falls City Hall at 3:30pm for a few short speeches by Mayor Jack Diamond and State Senator Betty Little. There will then be a commemorative march from City Hall to the Glens Falls United Methodist Church on the corner of Bay and Washington Street.

At 4:30 there will be a program featuring Rev. Gloria Akskew and area church choirs.

The Glens Falls NAACP will also be collecting donations of nonperishable food items for area food pantries.

2. Bush's Last Dance Party

From Naomi Marsh at the Washington Co. Democrats:
“Bush's Last Day Dance Party: We will also be celebrating the beginning of the Obama presidency!!!!
Jermain Hall in White Creek, Saturday, January 17 Starting at 7:30 pm

Live music by ATHENA and ZUELA with special guests

Price of admission: Cash or a check in any amount which will be donated in its entirety to local food pantries. Food items are also welcome. Please come and bring your friends. If you wish, bring food and/or beverage to share at the party, pot-luck style.

Directions: Jermain Hall is on Niles Road in White Creek.
From NY locations: Get on County Route 68 (the White Creek Road) which heads east off of Route 22 halfway between Cambridge and North Hoosick. Follow CR 68 about five miles to White Creek. Take a left on Niles Road at the big corner, go one block, and turn right at the stop sign. (Still on Niles Road.) Jermaine Hall is on your left in about a quarter of a mile.
From VT locations: Take the White Creek Road out of North Bennington. This becomes County Road 68 at the NY border. Just after the big corner, as you come into White Creek, turn right on Niles Road. Then go one block, and turn right at the stop sign. (Still on Niles Road.) Jermaine Hall is on your left in about a quarter of a mile.

3. Must Reads: Limiting Debate-- Limiting Change

We've all heard a great deal about change this year, but the degree of change we can expect is often limited to the change we can discuss. Dick sends along this terrific piece by NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen on how and why debate is so often limited in the big national media. A process of insider groupthink assigns some ideas, usually corporate friendly, because most work for corporate media, as being consensus and beyond discussion, while others are relegated to a deviant status, beyond discussion.

An example of an idea cast as being beyond discussion would be a single-payer healthcare system, which the great majority of the American people support. But single payer has been consigned to a deviant status, despite the fact organizations like the California Association of Nurses just came out with a report detailing how a single payer system would actually help stimulate and save the economy:

Another example is prosecuting torturers for their crimes. Here Glenn Greenwald of Salon details the protective quality Washington insider groupthink can have. He writes:
"The political/media establishment isn't desperately and unanimously fighting against the idea of investigations and prosecutions because they believe there was nothing done that was so bad. They're fighting so desperately precisely because they know there was, and they know they bear much of the culpability for it. They fear disruptions to their own comforts and prerogatives if any more light is shined on what happened. The consensus mantra that the only thing that matters is to "make sure it never happens again" is simply the standard cry of every criminal desperate for absolution: I promise not to do it again if you don't punish me this time. "
The full piece is at:

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's Saturday Night Progressive Film Festival continues with:

DARKON (2007) Andrew Neel & Luke Meyer 90 min. RT Rating = 82 %
Go inside the fantasy world of Darkon with this documentary. A group of Baltimore residents adds excitement to their lives with this role-playing game that allows them to act as medieval soldiers and princes.

THE HEMP REVOLUTION (1998) Anthony Clarke 75 min. RT Rating = N/A
Tells the amazing and little known story of the Hemp plant. Probably the first plant to be cultivated and one of the world’s largest agricultural crops until the late 1800’s, this feature length documentary explores the plant’s fascinating history, its thousands of uses, the economic and cultural forces behind its prohibition and its modern potential to solve some major environmental problems. Hemp, together with biotechnologies presented in the film, can be a panacea of answers to societal issues as varied as bio-fuel, sustainable natural food supply, clothing and energy needs. George Washington saw Hemp as an answer to independence while corporate America sought to regulate and criminalize it using marihuana as an excuse.

Thanks Everyone! Hope you pipes didn't freeze last night.


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