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Monday, June 30, 2008
Tricounty DFA Update: Meeting Reminder, Keehn Now Declines, more
Hello Everyone:

In this Update for June 29, 2008:

1. Glens Falls DFA Link-Up Or "Meetup" Wednesday
2. Brief Background Statistics
3. Keehn Not To Run
4. No Film At Rockhill Cafe

1. Glens Falls DFA Link-Up Or "Meetup" Wednesday

This Wednesday, July 2nd, we will be holding our monthly Democracy For The Greater Glens Falls Area Link-up or "meetup" at 7pm at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls.

The principal item on the agenda, by widespread requests from all of you, are the recent votes by Rep. Gillibrand to fund the war in Iraq for another year, and to approve the FISA Act, which is now before the Senate and postponed until July 8th.

DFA National also has an agenda item for contacting local democrats.

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe is on the corner of Exchange and Elm Streets and Hudson Avenue, one block west of the roundabout in downtown Glens Falls.

2. Brief Background Statistics

For a brief review of recent polls as background to these Congressional votes, Dick sends along this brief quote from dKos:

"These are poll numbers that make the GOP's blood boil: 66% of Americans support health coverage for all, even if it means raising taxes; 76% of Americans think global warming in "a proven fact"; only 16% of Americans think abortion should be completely outlawed; 77%of Americans believe we should meet with leaders who are hostile to the United States; 57% of Americans support either gay marriage or civil unions; and 85% of Americans say a candidate's position on Iraq is "extremely important" or "important" to their vote."

Obviously, as Dick notes, the last point on Iraq is the most important, and clearly reflects opinion here.

3. Keehn Not To Run

There is some additional news out today from Saratoga Springs. Val Keehn sent the following message out to her supporters:

"Dear Friends and Supporters,

"The events of the last 48 hours have caused a dramatic change in course for me. When I began setting things in motion to collect petition signatures and gather support for a run for the open 43rd Senate seat recently vacated by Senator Bruno, I was aware that Supervisor Joanne Yepson was also exploring a similar path. I intentionally held off making a formal announcement for this reason, as well as a few others.

"Friday morning, I was informed that Mike Russo, Director of Congresswoman Gillibrand's district office, was also in this race and that he had lined up a million dollars. Not wanting to participate in a primary with Saratoga Springs candidates and knowing that I could not possibly come close to raising that kind of money, I started talking to my core team about pulling out.

"Joanne and I meet twice yesterday with various individuals acutely involved in this situation in hopes of having one candidate rise above the others with unified support. At one point during a meeting with Mr. Russo, he stated that this senate race was not about him, but about finding the best candidate; and that if he was not that candidate among us, he would bow out and support one of us.

"Shortly after that, I made the decision to stop my petition effort and offer my full support to Joanne Yepson if she wanted to continue her pursuit of this seat. She did. A late night phone call to Mike resulted in him accepting my decision to support Joanne and acknowledging her desire to continue her organizational efforts with full force. He did not, however, agree to step aside.

"So, it is with some degree of disappointment, but with far more enthusiasm, that I ask you to accept and respect my decision not to pursue the senate seat, and to give your wholehearted support to our Saratoga Springs County Supervisor, Joanne Yepson. She has the drive, bi-partisan support, and the intellect to be a superb State Senator. It is also my sincere hope, that by supporting Joanne, the divides within the local Democratic community will start to narrow and we can work together to elect a popular local Democrat who will represent our interests in the 43rd Senate District.

"Thank you all for your friendship and encouragement for the past three years. My strength and positive outlook on my future endeavors have come largely from all of you. Good things are ahead for the Democrats in Saratoga Springs.



4. No Film At Rockhill Cafe

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe will be closed for the Fourth Of July, so there will be no Friday Night Progressive FIlm Festival this Friday.

Thanks everyone!

See you all Wednesday!


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