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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Tricounty DFA Update: Vigil Postponement, Ted Kennedy Wishes, more
Hello Everyone;

First, a quote from former Clinton supporter Rahm Emmanuel that is the salient political question now: "The way the loser loses will determine whether the winner wins in November." Like many I have criticized Emmanuel in the past, but he is spot on with this.

In this update:

1. No Vigil This Week Due To Memorial Day Parade
2. Send Ted Kennedy Best Wishes
3. Urge Senate No On War Funding
4. Washington County Dems Endorse For Assembly
5. Gas Prices
6. Friday Night Progressive Film Festival

1. No Vigil This Week Due To Memorial Day Parade

When we scheduled another vigil last week, we forgot the upcoming Saturday would bring the Glens Falls/Queensbury Memorial Day Parade, which would be going by or around downtown at about the same time. At the very least this could be very awkward. So unless some of you really object, we will reschedule this week's vigil for peace and to bring our troops home until the following Saturday. (Please let me know.)

2. Send Ted Kennedy Best Wishes

I am sure everyone was devastated to learn Sen. Ted Kennedy, for years the heart and soul of the Democratic Party and American Liberalism, was diagnosed with brain cancer. is collecting best wishes to be delivered to him personally by Senator Kerry. To add your name go to:

3. Urge Senate No On War Funding

Besides honoring Sen. Kennedy's sprit, we need to honor his causes as well.
The Senate is reportedly preparing to vote $178 billion to fully fund the Iraq War for another entire year. This bill means no serious troop reductions will occur until the Spring of 2009, at the earliest.
Declaration of Peace is urging people to:
"CALL Senators TODAY: "No More Iraq War Funding!" Our message is straight-forward and consistent: "Vote NO on any more Iraq War funding." The only effective way to end the war and bring the troops home is to STOP FUNDING WAR AND OCCUPATION NOW! Toll-free number for Congress is: 1-800-828-0498"

4. Washington County Dems Endorse For Assembly

From Naomi Marsh at the Washington County Democrats:

"Hello, fellow Democrats,
" As you may already know, the Washington County Democratic Committee unanimously endorsed Ian McGaughey in his bid for the New York State Assembly seat, representing District 112 which includes all of our county. Included below is a message from Ian and a link to his website with information about his experience and goals for us as his constituents and for the State as a whole. Please take a moment to learn about this outstanding candidate and consider how you might support him.

"Dear Friends,

"You may have heard that I am running for the New York State Assembly in the 112th District in this year's election. It's going to be a very close election, and the stakes are very high.
"I want to share with you our new campaign Web site that details some of the issues facing our state, and includes some photos and even a short video.
"Here's the address:
"Please take a moment to visit the site, and consider making a contribution to move our message of reform in Albany forward. Our campaign of change will be built from the ground up by people like you.
"Thank you for your commitment to our cause.

Ian McGaughey"

5. Gas Prices

Bert sends this along on gas prices, and it is quite interesting:

"Yesterday I turned on CNBC to check the market price of crude, and there was a gentleman interviewing a panel of oilmen. The gentleman addressed the panel with this question:
"The first of February of this year the price of crude was about $86.00 a barrel. Today that price is up about 46% from the first of February. There has not been a 46% increase in demand in the time period, in fact, the demand has decreased due to the high oil prices. Can you blame this 46% increase on other then market speculation?"
"Of course the panel had their pat answers to that question, but none could give an honest answer...

" Also, check out this link. Let's see, oilman Bush was elected........ HHHHMMMMMM!!! Bert"

6. Friday Night Progressive Film Festiva

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's Friday Night Progressive Film Festival continues with:

Fri May 23 7:30 pm Progressive Film Forum
ENCOUNTER POINT (2006) Ronit Avni 85 min. RT Rating = 100 %
This documentary covers 16 months in the lives of an Israeli settler, a former Palestinian prisoner, an Israeli mother whose child has died, and a Palestinian man who has been wounded due to the turmoil in the region. These fascinating people touch on a number of topics not often covered in the mainstream press, such as how they feel about segregation and how misrepresented they feel by the global news media's attempts to cover a complicated conflict.

Thanks Everyone! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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