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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Tricounty DFA Reminder: See Uncounted Wednesday, more
Hello Everyone:

1. Reminder -- Special Uncounted Film Presentation At Rockhill Wednesday
2. Obama Sweeping & More
3. Restore FISA and Stop Torture
4. Election Report Warning
5. Friday Night Film Fest

1. Reminder -- Special Uncounted Film Presentation At Rockhill Wednesday

I just want to remind all to join us and DFA groups across the nation for a special showing of Uncounted, a new film by David Earnhardt on election fraud in America. The film will be followed by a live, national wide conference call with DFA Chairman Jim Dean and filmmaker Earnhardt.

The film is tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 13th at 7pm at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls, one block east of the roundabout. The showing is free and open to the public -- and you don't have to RSVP to come! Just be there. If the weather is really dangerous, we may postpone, stay tuned to this station!

2. Obama Sweeping & More

Sen. Barack Obama is sweeping the so-called Potomac primaries, winning VIrginia and Maryland over Clinton by 2-1 or better and the District of Columbia by an incredible 3-1. These much higher numbers than expected, with exit polls indicating Obama winning among virtually every group.

In addition, DFA endorsed congressional candidate Donna Edwards appears to be blowing away Blue Dog Bush supporter Al Wynn in the Democratic Primary in Maryland. This is a huge win for DFA: The Washington Post covered DFA Chair Jim Dean campaigning for Edwards in today's paper.

Dick sends along the address for the Albany Obama office, which he and Pat recently visited:

The Albany Obama office
92 Lexington Ave., Albany, 434-0994,

Also, for a really interesting read on Obama and why he may be doing so well at organizing in some of these states, this article in the American Prospect is a must read:

"As a community organizer for three years in Chicago in the late 1980s, Obama learned the skills of motivating and mobilizing people who had little faith in their ability to make politicians, corporations, and other powerful institutions accountable. Working with churches and neighborhood groups, Obama taught low-income people how to analyze power relations, gain confidence in their own leadership abilities, and work together to improve their housing, schools, and other basic services.
"What if a politician were to see his job as that of an organizer," he asked a local newspaper at the time, "as part teacher and part advocate, one who does not sell voters short but who educates them about the real choices before them?"

3. Restore FISA and Stop Torture

Two online actions tonight:

First, in a disgraceful vote, the Senate sided with a Bush administration plan to grant retroactive immunity for crimes committed by the telecom companies. This is a unique, new concept in American justice, one that violates centuries of tradition, a legislative "get-out-of-jail-free" card for those powerful enough to demand one.

The issue is now before the House and Drew sends along this link to urge your local member of Congress to block retroactive immunity for crimes against American's basic rights:

Also, an new intelligence bill is coming before the Senate tomorrow, with a ban on torture in it. Majority leader Reid is asking for petition signatures to the Senate to pass a ban on torture:

4. Election Report Warning

Helenmarie Sankenberg, who was an election inspector in Washington County on Primary Day, alerts me that she discovered errors between the numbers she and her other inspectors took off their voting machines, and what were eventually reported (about a dozen votes for Obama were lost).

She urges other election inspectors who may read this to check the papers and online to see if there were other discrepancies elsewhere.

5. Friday Night Film Festival

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's Friday Night Progressive Film Fest continues:

Fri Feb 15 7:30 pm Adirondack Progressive Film Forum
HUEY LONG (1985) Ken Burns 88 min. No RT Rating
A fascinating documentary portrait of Louisiana politician Huey P. Long, known to many as "the Kingfish." Filmmaker Ken Burns tells the complex story of Long through the use of archival footage, insightful and often entertaining narration, and interviews with some of the people who knew the politician best. We also meet residents of the state who recall Long's many years in the public eye. The movie traces Long's life, from his middle-class childhood spent on his family's Louisiana farm, through his long career in politics which was cut short in 1935, when an assassin murdered him. Although "the Kingfish" is portrayed as a ruthless politician who often sacrificed justice to get what he wanted, the film also explores some of his many accomplishments, including his success in providing education and jobs for the poor.

Thanks everyone! See you all tomorrow at Rockhill! Keep your fingers crossed on the weather,


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