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Monday, February 04, 2008
Tricounty DFA Update: Vote! Meeting, Economics, Videos & More
Hello Everyone;

In This Update:

1. Super-Duper Tuesday: Get Out And Vote
2. Glens Falls DFA Meeting Wednesday
3. Obama and Clinton Economics
4. Videos: Extraordinary Obama Rally At UCLA, Hope & Grateful Dead Concert For Obama Online
5. Call On Telecom Immunity
6. Irish & Bags
8. Friday Night Film Fest

1. Super-Duper Tuesday: Get Out And Vote

Tomorrow is Super-Duper Tuesday, Primary Day in NY and 23 other states. I am sure everyone who reads this will get out and vote. But remember, on Primary Day the polls open at Noon, not 7am the way they do for General Elections. Plan your day accordingly!

2. Glens Falls DFA Meeting Wednesday

We'll be having our monthly Glens Falls DFA meeting this Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm at our usual location, the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls, one block east of the Roundabout.

We had a great discussion about the New Hampshire Primary last month, and I am certain Super-Duper Tuesday will make for more talk and action, but we will have other things on the agenda! For instance, I was recently reminded that March will see the 5th anniversary of Bush's invasion of Iraq. Protests are scheduled for Washington, D.C. Do we want to hold another vigil on the war, here?

3. Obama and Clinton Economics

I know many progressives were having a hard time making up their minds where they stood on the historic choice in this election. There was an important article this weekend in the NY Times on Obama's economic policy, which he just rolled out. It compares Obama and Clinton's stance, and I suspect it will settle the question for many people, if they read it. Unfortunately, these proposals have not gotten the attention they deserve.

Obama clearly identified ever growing economic inequality in America as the problem with our economy, rightly pointing out that neither the Bush or Clinton administrations did a thing about this overriding crisis. The so-called "Walmarting" of America-- and let's remember Hillary Clinton was on the Walmart board of directors-- is wiping out the American middle class. This stance makes Obama's progressive credentials clear.

4. Videos: Extraordinary Obama Rally At UCLA, Hope & Grateful Dead Concert For Obama Online

For those who missed it while the Super Bowl was on, there was an extraordinary rally for Obama yesterday at UCLA. Michelle Obama-- not Barack-- gave one of the fieriest speeches since Governor Dean was campaigning. In fact, she put most of the candidates running this year to shame, except Obama himself, perhaps.

This was a superbly organized and timed event, capped by the stunning last minute appearance of Maria Shiver, the first lady of California, to join Caroline Kennedy and Ophra Winfrey in endorsing Obama. Andrew Rosenthal of the NY TImes Editorial Board called it the best rally he has seen in 20 years-- it's certainly the best since Governor Dean's Sleepless Summer Tour.

You can see it at and

Lisa sends along this message:

"Remember when a presidential candidate inspired people? Senator Obama has the best policies on foreign and domestic policy. Obama's message of unifying the America people resonates across political parties. With the people on his side he'll be an unbeatable force in the general election. Watch this inspirational video
Ask yourself when was the last time you were inspired by a presidential candidate."

Finally, on the video front, the Grateful Dead are giving their first concert in four years tonight for Obama. It will be streamed live on the internet at

5. Call On Telecom Immunity

The issue of Telecom immunity is still hanging. This from DFA partner Working Assets:

"Late last week, Senate leaders agreed to consider a series of amendments that could improve the bad warrantless wiretapping bill reported from the Senate Intelligence Committee. While there will be a number of provisions designed to limit warrantless wiretapping and protect our civil liberties, the most important vote will be on the amendment offered by Senators Dodd and Feingold to strip retroactive immunity for telecom companies from the bill.
George Bush and Dick Cheney are pushing hard to give their cronies at Verizon and AT&T retroactive immunity. This would stop us from finding out what the Bush administration asked these companies to do and who asked them to act outside of the law.

"It would also prevent the big telecoms from ever being held accountable in a court of law for violating the privacy and rights of millions of Americans."

6. Irish & Bags

Even though there's an election on, smaller, personal environmental initiatives still matter. HIlary sends along this fascinating piece from the IHT on how Ireland has gotten rid of the waste and pollution of plastic shopping bags.

Remember, if you don't use a recyclable bag, you can take the plastic back for recycling.

8. Friday Night Film Fest

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's Friday Night Progressive Film Fest continues at 7:30pm with:

Fri Feb 8 7:30 pm Adirondack Progressive Film Forum
SOUND AND FURY (2000) Josh Aronson 80 min. RT = 96 %
A documentary that examines the issues surrounding the controversial cochlear implant--the medical technology that, through an operation, allows deaf people to hear. The film follows the Artinian family--adult brothers Chris (hearing) and Peter (deaf), their wives and their children--living in Glen Cove Long Island. Over a two-year period, the camera pays witness to the pain, frustration, and conflicts they encounter as these parents research the pros and cons of giving their children (5-year-old Heather, and 1 1/2-year-old Peter) the operation. At the root of the argument against the operation is the fear that the deaf culture--and American Sign Language--would be lost entirely were the Cochlear implant to become a standard procedure administered to all deaf children. Arguments in favor of the procedure argue that a child who can hear with use of the cochlear implant could participate in hearing schools where they might learn more, learn faster, and never feel that they are disabled and different from other children. This film, with its passionate but entirely objective approach to this difficult subject, will change viewers' ideas about deafness, parenting, medical advancements, and will leave them pondering these ideas for a long time to come.

Also don't miss:
Tue Feb 5 7:30 pm ** SPECIAL EVENT ** Author and journalist, PAUL HOCKENOS, will read from, discuss and sign his latest book.

Thanks everyone! See you all Wednesday,


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