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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: Election News, Meeting Next Week, Changes at DFA, More
Hello Everyone:

In This Update:

1. DFA Meeting Next Wednesday
2. Big Election News: Saratoga, Queensbury
3. Major Protest In Syracuse Organized By Iraq Vets
4. Changes at DFA
5. More R's Than D's support Congress
6. And Why -- And Action?
7. Three Myths
8. On The LIghter Side
9. Friday Night Film Festival

1. DFA Meeting Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday, October 3rd, we'll be holding our monthly Greater Glens Falls DFA meeting at 7pm at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls.

There were some interesting developments in local elections (see below) we can discuss and DFA National wants us to start thinking about who we may want to support in the primaries next year. I should have more on this agenda stuff Sunday night.

2. Big Election News: Saratoga, Queensbury

There were big doings in the primary races last week. Our DFA endorsed candidate Val Keehn won her primary by a huge, nearly 2-1 margin over challenger Gordon Boyd, who remains on the Conservative Party line. No word yet if Body will be endorsing Keehn.

There were also interesting and intriguing developments in the race for Queensbury Town Board. Councilmembers Roger Boor and Richard Sanford, who are registered Republicans, were cross endorsed by the Warren County Democratic Committee. However, apparently thanks to a last minute attack ad, they lost the Republican primary. But they are still running, now on the Democratic line. Does this have the potential to open up the political system in the Town? It's all very interesting and we will be discussing it next Wednesday.

There was also big news in that incumbent Sheriff Larry Cleveland was defeated-- clearly, Warren County's "old boy network" is getting shaken up.

3. Major Protest In Syracuse Organized By Iraq Vets

There will be a major, and new, peace demonstration in Syracuse Saturday, organized by Iraq War veterans. Those of us old enough to remember the original Viet Vets against The War will know how powerful it is to have veterans of a war speak out against it.

"Not since Viet Nam, has such a broad-based, grassroots coalition been formed in New York State to oppose war. Over 59 organizations state-wide have endorsed this action which was initiated by (IVAW) Iraq Veterans Against the War, NY and will be hosted by the Syracuse Peace Council (SPC), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) -1199 and Syracuse University’s Student Peace Action Network (SPAN).

“Soldiers and Civilians Speak Out” BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!

WHAT: Upstate New York State Regional Anti-War March & Rally

WHEN & Saturday, September 29, 2007

WHERE: 1 pm Rally – Everson Museum Plaza, 401 Harrison Street, Syracuse, New York

2:30pm March

3:30pm Rally at Walnut Park

6 pm networking meetings (Veterans, Students, Regional Organizers)

7:30pm Panel Discussion "The People's Response to the Petraeus Report" at Hendricks Chapel (see details below)

for daily updates & resources visit:

Matt Funiciello is organizing a caravan to go out:

"Please join us in attending the Soldier's Rally in Syracuse this Saturday (IVAW). Call or email if you want to join the peace caravan. Pass along to others who may not know. We'll leave Rock Hill Cafe at 7:30 Saturday morning and meet up with the rest of the caravan in Saratoga & Albany.

Matt Funiciello
(518) 793-0075"

4. Changes at DFA

If you haven't been following, there have been important news about DFA National's leadership in Burlington in the last week: Executive Director Tom Hughes, who has been with DFA and Dean For America from the beginning, is stepping down. DFA Training Academy Director Arshan Hasan will be taking over as Executive Director from Tom in late October.

Many of us got to meet Tom at the training in South Glens Falls last year, and it has been a real privilege and honor to have gotten to know him, and regard him as a friend. Arshad, who many of us also remember from the training, is going to do a great job. But Tom will be missed-- and many, many thanks to him,

5. More R's Than D's support Congress

In the latest Gallup poll, more Republicans approve of the job Congress is doing than there are Democrats who approve. According to the poll, 37% of Republicans approve of Congress' performance, compared to 23% of Democrats and 14% of independents, with an overall rating of 24% approval and 71% disapproval.

6. And Why

There are reasons Republicans are happier than Democrats -- Drew sends along the news today that Representative Gillibrand voted to condemn's ad.

Maybe the Moveon ad was good, maybe it wasn't. That's not the point. If we don't agree with one another, can't we accept that others don't agree without condemning them? This is Republican message management and an effort to stifle dissent and the diversity of views that is the glory of the American Way, and Democrats should not be playing along with these right wing bullies.

And as Lewis Carroll would say, it gets curiouser and curiouser -- supported Gillibrand in the last election, raising for her through its mailings and website a grand total of $148,812.62

Hmmmmmmm... Gee. Wonder how that's gonna work out now.

-- And Action?

In March we voted at our meeting to urge our representatives to support Jerry Nadler's bill, Hr. 455, to only fund withdrawal. This proposal is back on the table again in a new form:

Rep. Hall, Hinchey, Olver and others from the region touched by this newsletter have signed this pledge. Missing so far are Gillibrand, McNulty and Welch.

They can redeem themselves by signing this pledge, to only fund withdrawal. Contact them at

7. Three Myths

On that, the must read and must see of the week is Three Myths: that the Democrats cannot do anything about the war.
David Sirota explains it in detail, and it is excellent. Democrats are not innocent bystanders:

8. On The LIghter Side

Drew sends along this clip from Crooks and Liars, and it is hilarious: Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn gets nailed on the hypocrisy of the right wing when David Schuster exposes she doesn't know the name of the last GI killed in Iraq in her district:

9. Friday Night Film Festival

The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe's Friday Night Progressive Film Fest continues at 7:30pm with:

Sep 28 STEVIE (2003) Steve James 145 min.
"This is the hardest film I've ever made. But, I also think it's the most honest in its attempt to portray the complexity of family relationships." Steve James, Academy award nominated director of the widely acclaimed documentary "Hoop Dreams", brings you a moving film about James' relationship with an adult suffering the after effects of extreme childhood neglect. Acclaimed upon its world premiere at the recent Toronto Film Festival, the film was also recently accepted into competition at Sundance Film Festival.

Thanks, everyone!

Larry Dudley

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