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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: Fish Fry For Keehn, Draft Gore Starts and "Shock Doctrine"
Hello Everyone;

This is a special pre-primary update;

1. "Reel Them In" Fish Fry For Keehn
2. Draft Gore Movement Starts In Massachusetts
3. "Shock Doctrine"
4. George Carlin On Education
5 Friday Night Film Fest

1. "Reel Them In" Fish Fry For Keehn

First there was the Jim Dean "Keehn And Dean" fundraiser for Mayor Valerie Keehn. This weekend, there's another, a "Reel "em In" fish fry benefit, and all area Keehn supporters are invited to attend.

When: Sunday, Sept. 16, 5:30 PM
Where: The Union Gables Inn, 55 Union Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY
Featuring: Delicious Fish Dinner, Silent Auction and raffles.
Cost: Only $10.
Please RSVP: 587-4627
2. Draft Gore Movement Starts In Massachusetts

In The Boston Globe today is news that a major effort to draft Al Gore for President has begun in Massachusetts. A committee is being organized to get the signatures required to put Gore on the primary ballot in the Bay State. According to the Globe,
"This is that rarity in American politics -- a genuine draft movement organized by citizens who believe firmly that America needs a specific candidate to lead the country. Gore received more than 50 million votes when he ran for President in 2000 and most of those voters still believe that he won,"

I would also note it is now exactly one month until the Nobel Peace Prize is announced. Gore is the heavy favorite to win.

3. "Shock Doctrine"

There is a very important new book out from Naomi Klein, author of No Logo, which helped get the anti-globalization movement started, According to the Times, Klein makes the case that,

"unconstrained free-market policies go hand in hand with undemocratic political policies."
"In her book she argues that the shock therapy prescribed by Western economists during the last 30 years could not have been imposed without political shock therapy, namely brutal repression and a suspension of democratic rights. Western countries, along with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, essentially exploited disasters — hyperinflation, the tsunami, the war in Iraq — to force through radical changes like privatization, deregulation and severe cuts in social spending..."

"Even the shock of 9/11, she said in an interview, was “harnessed by leaders to end the discussion of global justice.”

“We did not lose the battle of ideas,” Ms. Klein likes to say. Alternatives to the free market were “crushed by army tanks and think tanks.”

4. George Carlin On Education

A friend in Queensbury who is well connected to education sends along this incredible George Carlin piece, which actually is a corollary to Klein's book above.

"Subject: We're NOT in the Club ..."

"Part of what we’ve been trying to communicate for years, and it takes George Carlin all of 3 minutes and 39 seconds to get the point across."

5 Friday Night Film Fest

Sep 14 THE FALL OF FUJIMORI (2006) Ellen Perry 84 min.
In a nation besieged by bloody insurgents and appalling poverty appears a humble candidate who vows to fight for the poor and disenfranchised. Riding a crest of popular support, this political unknown storms into the elections and wins the Presidency. After being sworn in, the new President declares an all out War On Terror, which soon culminates in the capture of public enemy number one. The country is Peru. The President is Alberto Fujimori. The year is 1992. The Fall of Fujimori is a character-driven, political thriller exploring the volatile events that defined Fujimori’s decade-long reign: His meteoric rise from son of poor Japanese immigrants to the presidency; his fateful relationship with the shadowy and Machiavellian Vladimiro Montesinos; his "self-coup" that dissolved overnight both Congress and the Judiciary;

Thanks everyone!


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