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Thursday, July 06, 2006
A message to GGF-DFA from Dick Dudley: Concerning A Table At The Farmer's Market Instead Of The Vigil
Concerning A Table At The Farmer's Market Instead Of The Vigil

What is the best way to achieve peace ? By protesting at the Five Corners or the Crandall Library or by manning a table at the farmer's market for Kirsten Gillibrand handing out flyers, talking with and stickering people ?

If we do not take back the Congress all the protesting in the world will mean nothing. We cannot take it for granted that Congress will be ours. The Republicans are very skillfully trying to use the recent Supreme Court decision to their advantage as well as the Iraq War. Polling shows that the very same voters who think the war wrong and that we should get out are queasy about "cutting and running"-- whatever that is. The Republicans are using this to their advantage. That is why we should leave behind, for the time being , all the signs we like, specially the sign, one of which is on our lawn, "Support Our Troops, Bring Then Home Now." It plays directly into the Rovian spin. Taking back Congress is the quickest way to Bring Them Home Now.

However much any of us may agree or disagree with the nuances of Kirsten's war policy it is in line with Gore's and in line with what Progressive Democrats are trying to do to avoid the Republican trap. The issues at stake are so vast, the implications so terrible, that any personal annoyance or disagreement in nuance should seem trivial by comparison.

Every candidate of ours for Congress however a long shot has to get as much support as possible if we are to take back Congress. This is what the Republicans do and that is one major reason they are successful.

Given all that, I suggest that we throw all our efforts on Saturdays into the tabling, stickering, etc. at the Farmer's Market.

However others may successfully or unsuccessfully conduct themselves, let us not feel that we did not do all we could do,



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