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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Tricounty DFA Holiday Update
Hello Everyone;

First, a Happy Thanksgiving to All of you and many, many thanks to everyone who worked so hard on races this year -- a turning point has been reached, both nationally and locally. Bush is cratering and taking the National Republicans with him, and victories like the clean sweeps in communities like Saratoga Springs and Mechanicville, or big wins in Columbia County, show the way to a victory next year in getting rid of John Sweeney and electing Kirsten Gillibrand.

In this update:

1. Forum On New Voting Machines Next Week With Bo Lipari Of New York Verified Voting
2. Call for Protest Letters to Board of Election and Newspapers
3. 63% Want US Out Of Iraq In A Year
4. Washington County Dinner
5. Buy Blue Reminder For the Holidays
6. No Pardons
7. On The Lighter Side...

1. Forum On New Voting Machines Next Week With Bo Lipari Of New York Verified Voting

Our open public forum on Voting Technology featuring Bo Lipari of New York Verified Voting ( )will be held in the public room downstairs at the Crandall Public Library in downtown Glens Falls at 7pm on November 30th. For more information, go to:

Lipari will make a presentation explaining and evaluating the various types of voting machines presently available that meet the new standards established by the Help America Vote Act. Lipari had spoken to large crowds all across New York State, and have been given credit for moving the legislature and a growing number of counties away from unreliable touch screen machines.

Space is limited at the Crandall Library meeting room. Accordingly, we are asking everyone to RSVP through DFA-Link; I've created a page for the forum at: Just click on the link at the top of the page where it says RVP to this event. If you have not registered yet, please click this link and to register:

We would thank everyone very much for their cooperation in RSVP'ing. There appears to be tremendous interest around the Tricounty area about voting issues (the purchase of new machines will be a potentially heavy financial burden). We need to know well in advance if we are going to have a space problem. So if you think you will be coming, please hit the RSVP page. Thank you!

2. Call for Protest Letters to Board of Election and Newspapers

The fight against the hackable touchscreen machines goes on at every level; Bo Lipari sent out this message this week:

Action Alert - NYS Board of Elections Must Require Certification of Scanners!

Voting machine vendors who make both touch screen/pushbutton electronic voting machines (DREs) and Optical Scanners say they will not submit their scanners for certification to New York, but only their DREs.

This is outrageous given that thousands of NYS citizens, state and county legislators, and newspapers are calling for adoption of the paper ballots and scanners rather than expensive, insecure, error prone DREs. It is vital that the NYS Board of Elections require that vendors who make both DREs and optical scan systems must submit both types of systems for certification.

But our NYS Board of Elections doesn't seem to get it. Perhaps they've forgotten that they work for citizens, not for the voting machine vendors. In an interview on WXXI last week, spokesman Lee Daghlian said the NYS Board will only certify machines the companies want to sell.

"We don't feel that we can force a manufacturer to bring an optical scan machine to us if they don't wish to," he said. "This is a free country."

Apparently, Commissioners and staff of the Board of Elections think it's a free country for voting machine vendors, but not for the citizens they serve.

In a huge state like NY, it's beyond absurd for the Board to claim that they have no power to require vendors to submit scanners. Vendors will provide absolutely anything that the NYS Board of Elections requires of them. If the Board requires that they submit NYS full face ballot compatible scanners, you can be sure they will do so.


Mail or fax a letter to the State Board of Elections demanding that they require vendors to submit NYS full face ballot compatible optical scanners if they submit DREs. Remind the Board that they work for us, not the voting machine vendors.

Don't let the voting machine vendors decide what machines we vote on. Please write the State Board of Elections today.

A sample letter is attached. You can also find the sample letter and contact info for the Board of Elections on the NYVV website:

Please address your letter to:
Peter Kosinski, Co-Executive Director
Stanley Zalen, Co-Executive Director
Neil W. Kelleher, Chair
Evelyn J. Aquila, Commissioner
Helena Moses Donohue, Commissioner

40 Steuben Street
Albany, NY 12207-2108
Fax: 518-486-4068

3. 63% Want US Out Of Iraq In A Year

According to the latest polling data, 63% of all Americans want the U.S. out of Iraq within the next year. This is a remarkable turnaround in public opinion. However, almost exactly a month ago we held a vigil when U.S. military deaths went over 2,000. In that time the number has jumped to 2100, with no end in sight.

4. Washington County Dinner

There was a great House Party for Kirsten Gillibrand at Sheila Comar's home Sunday in Granville with a big turnout. The next Washington County comes up shortly:

"Please join us at the 2nd Annual WCDC Holiday Party.
The party will be Dec. 9th at the Rice Mansion Inn from 7-9 PM. Andrew Cuomo is expected to attend. Spoonful will cater the party again this year.
Last year's party was a huge hit with all 135 people who attended and we hope this year's will be even better. The silent auction will include gift certificates, art, B & B overnights and more. We'll also have another super wine basket.
Space is limited and reservations are required by Dec. 2nd!
To reserve your seat today either:
- Send $25 per person payable to Washington County Democratic Committee to Lisa Manzi, 3547 State Route 29, Salem NY 12865.
- Or pay online with a credit card at: type in "Holiday Party" in the payment for section.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

5. Buy Blue Reminder For the Holidays

The Christmas shopping season officially starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. However, Buy is calling on us to remember those "blue" merchants and companies who support Democratic and progressive causes. We shouldn't let out dollars feed companies that fight against our values. Check out their proposed shopping list at:

6. No Pardons

Washington pundits are worried that Bush may try to escape the series of escalating scandals in Washington by issuing blanket pardons to criminally exposed staffers like Karl Rove, theoretically sweeping scandal off the table. SIgn the Democrat's petition for No Pardons at:

7. On The Lighter Side...

Finally, it is a holiday! Here's something for our Turkey Day amusement:

Thanks everyone! Drive Safely!


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