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Monday, November 30, 2009
DFA Update: Meeting Reminder, Gov. Dean
Hello Everyone;

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

In this update for 11-30-09:

1. Wednesday Meeting Reminder
2. Governor Dean On Healthcare & Consequences of Failure

1. Wednesday Meeting Reminder

We'll be holding our December meeting of Democracy For The Greater Glens Falls Area at our usual time and place, on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, at 7pm at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe in downtown Glens Falls one block west of the roundabout.

The discussion and the view ahead for the year to come should be unusually packed this week, what with the President's decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan and Rep. Murphy's recent vote against the healthcare bill, and other matters.

As recent attendees know, Mike Parwana, who has family in Afghanistan, has been talking about how we need to stop calling Afghanistan a war and start treating it as a police and security action, and he is clearly right, but it looks like the military approach and war has won out, sad to say. I call this the Nixon option-- end the "war" by "winning" it.

2. Governor Dean On Healthcare & Consequences Of Failure

Governor Dean has also been talking about how the healthcare bill has changed and the consequences for Democrats down the road, and his comments, as always, are worth a careful read. He is a strong advocate for using the reconciliation process.

Along the same line, two postings on the lastest dKos poll show a rapidly growing "enthusiasm gap" between Republicans and Democrats disillusioned by absence, so far, of "change we can believe in." This above all includes healthcare reform, a more personal issue than any we have seen in years.

Two in five Democrats consider themselves unlike to vote in 2010, as compared to only one in five Republicans. This is very worrisome stuff:

Thanks, everyone! See you all Wednesday,


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