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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Tricounty DFA Update: The Simpsons Take On The Republicans, Godfather part IV, Murtha Gets Swiftboated
Hello Everyone:

I don't think ever done updates back to back except, perhaps, just before the elections, but I stumbled across some videos that were so great I could not resist. There's also the season's first swiftboating to take note of.

In this update:

1. "The Simpsons" Unloads On Republicans, Fox Networks
2. The Godfather, Part IV
3. Republicans Swiftboat Murtha
4. E85 Comes to Upstate NY

1. "The Simpsons" Unloads On Republicans, Fox Networks

This weekend The Simpsons, the most popular and longest running animated show on TV, ran a special 400th episode. In it they took on the Fox Network and Fox News and the Republicans. Alternet has posted excerpts and they are hysterical and not to be missed!

Parts I & II

2. The Godfather, Part IV

Also not to be missed is "The Godfather, Part IV-- Freddos Revenge."

I can see Karl Rove lurking around the stable with a chainsaw...

3. Republicans Swiftboat Murtha

If there is any doubt that the 2008 election season has started, a sure milestone was passed today: the first swiftboating. Vietnam Vet and war hero Rep. Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania was the victim this time when House Republicans tried to smear Murtha on a trumped up ethics charge.

Murtha, who does have a temper, was provoked by a Republican house member a few days ago. So they filed an ethics charge against him. However, instead of referring it to the Ethics Committee for a hearing, the Republicans introduced a resolution convicting him, in effect, without a trial.

The Republicans, of course, don't care much for facts, as we know. So, that they would greatly prefer the sentence before the trial.

The House tabled it (Gillibrand, Hall, McNulty along with most Dems voted in affirmative to table) and referred the complaint to the Ethics Committee.

Republicans are also trying to make an issue of the fact some Democrats abstained. However, Ethics Committee members properly withheld from voting either way on the resolution to table since they will be hearing the complaint in the future.

It is interesting that while Republicans like to crow about "supporting the troops" no veteran-- Max Cleland, John Kerry, Jack Murtha, seems worthy of respect.

For More:

4. E85 Comes to Upstate NY

Since I am at it, I have to mention this: E85 is gasoline that is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. It is environmentally friendly and domestically produced. It should be cheaper, too, since ethanol costs about $2.20 a gallon to make, which is about a buck less than we are paying now.

"General Motors has been promoting the installation of E85 fueling pumps all around the country and today they turned up for the opening of the first two ethanol pumps in New York state. Station owner Christian King installed the pumps at his stations in Albany and Warrensburg. "

If you have a fairly new car you may have one that is E85 compliant, and not know it. There is usually an E85 sticker inside the gas filler well. Now you can get E85 in nearby Warrensburg. Hopefully it will soon come to the Greater Glens Falls area.

Also, is promoting a gas price gouging petition.

Thanks everyone!

Larry Dudley

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