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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Thursday, September 07, 2006
Tricounty DFA Meeting Report: Contact WTEN, Endorsements, Canvass This Weekend
Hello Everyone;

In this update:

1. Emergency Action: "Path To 9/11" Outrage-- Contact WTEN
2. Report on Meeting: Endorsements
3. Meeting Report: Canvassing This Weekend -- Neighborhood Network
4. Tabling At Farmer's Market
5. Friday Film Fest
6. Kids For Peace

1. Emergency Action: "Path To 9/11" Outrage-- Contact WTEN

Before I get into last night's meeting-- I am sure most of you responded to last night's request from the DNC to contact ABC about the outrageous ABC TV two part dramatization of the events leading up to 9/11. As you have read, it tries to blame the Clinton administration and Democrats for the atrocity of 9/11. It's coldly calculated propaganda the Nazis would have been proud of. It's also obviously been in the works for awhile to help the Republicans fend off the Democratic challenge this year.

President Clinton, who is personally defamed by it, and probably should sue, is demanding it be rewritten or withdrawn. That itself is extraordinary-- no former President has ever made such a complaint.

However, we can do something effective: the real pressure point is the local affiliates. They are actually licensed by the FCC, the networks are not. Their licenses are threatened by consumer complaints and licenses have been taken away in the past.

I would urge you to write our local ABC-TV affiliate, WTEN at and what I think is the General Manager, Bob Peterson at (I got that off the conservative Parent's TV site, but that's what I think it is.)

Tell them how upset and unacceptable this situation is. Remind them that they are not obliged to carry Path To 9/11. (they aren't) They can run a movie. Let them know you are willing to complain to the FCC and ask for license revocation. Ask them to live up to the responsibilities of evenhandedness and fair play, and, above all, refuse to accept lying. Ask them to act like true Americans!

2. Report on Meeting: Endorsements:

Spitzer For Governor

We had a great meeting last night at the Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe. After a brief discussion, we joined DFA groups across New York State in endorsing Eliot Spitzer, thanks to his embracing one of our signature issues, Paper Ballots, Optically Scanned. The vote was unanimous.

Mark Green For Attorney General

We also considered the hotly contested Attorney General's race. After discussion of the candidates, and also news reports that came out this week on Andrew Cuomo's relationship with real estate developer Andrew Farkas, the group decided to endorse Mark Green because of his long record of consumer advocacy. Green was a top aide at one time to Ralph Nader and is the former Consumer Protection Officer of New York City and its first elected Public Advocate. The office he ran in NYC was second only to the Attorney General's office and in many ways Green was doing consumer protection for the entire country.

I received more information on Cuomo and Farkas today -- in connection to this endorsement, I would urge you to check out this story at the Village Voice:

3. Meeting Report: Canvassing This Weekend -- Neighborhood Network

We also talked at length about what we can do going into the November Elections and we agreed to begin canvassing for the Neighborhood Network this weekend.

Going to greet people at their homes is the best way to connect voters and get them to vote Democratic. For one thing, it shows we care enough to make the effort.

Lisa Scerbo, who is already been connected with the Neighbor Network system showed everyone her materials and what she has been doing in Stillwater. (Thanks, Lisa, for a great presentation!) After that everyone was very interested and enthused and the group agreed to do a canvass Saturday afternoon.

Jessica Nowlin of the State Democratic Committee will be creating walk lists for us-- that way we do not have to hunt to find voters-- they are lined right up next to each other on the sheets. These will be voters we really want to reach. The approach is simple and straightforward -- we are asking them what the most important issue is to them-- our main job is to listen. Then we record their response.

We agreed on this schedule for Saturday: tabling at the Glens Falls Farmer's Market from 8 or 9am until about 11am. We will be discussing and organizing during the tabling.

Since we have been invited to the Grand Opening of the Washington County Headquarters in Fort Edward, we agreed to go down to Fort Edward from the Farmer's Market and then come back to Glens Falls and do the canvassing.

Please come down and join us for the canvassing -- or at least find out about it. We agreed to try and do this every Saturday, and maybe some week days, until the election.

Please contact me if you were not at the meeting and want to help with this very important effort!

4. Tabling At Farmer's Market

Again, we will also be tabling again at the Glens Falls Farmer's Market from 8-9am , until about 10:30am to 11am this Saturday. (As noted, some of us will be going to the opening of the Washington County HQ in Fort Edward.) We've been getting a pretty good response on this, so if you have a free couple of hours, please come and help.

For more info or to help:

5. Friday Film Fest
The Rockhill Bakehouse Cafe Friday Night Progressive Film Festival Continues on Friday, September 8th at 8pm with

CONTROL ROOM (2002) Jehane Noujaim 86 min.
A rare film that is both timely and timeless: timeless because it explores the ancient and complex relationship between the Western and Arab worlds, timely because it reveals how satellite television has changed the way wars are reported – from news providers, driven by the patriotism of their audiences, to Army information officers, driven by military objectives. Control Room explores how Truth is gathered, presented, and ultimately created by those who deliver it. Official Selection - Sundance

6. Kids For Peace

It's never too early to get kids started on peace causes!

So take your kids to Kids for Peace -- “Around the World, Kids Chalking for Peace” will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. Sept. 16 at 280 Warren St., at the corner of Peck and Warren streets by the traffic light in downtown Glens Falls. This non-political event will bring together kids of all ages to create chalk drawings with the theme “world peace.”

This event is only one of many Chalk4Peace events taking place worldwide on Sept. 16.
The kids can also participate in a “Circle of Words,” when they will be able to give voice to their feelings and ideas about peace.
Music will be provided by guitarist Jamie Mandolare.
Bring your own chalk or use the chalk provided. For more information, call event coordinator Jean Santoro at 747-9568.

Thanks everyone! See you Saturday!

Larry Dudley

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