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Saturday, February 05, 2005
GF-DFA Weekend Update: Dean Victorious! Meetup Report, and more
Hello Everyone;

In this report;

1. Governor Dean Victorious!
2. Meetup report
3. Interesting links
4. On the lighter side...

1. As we probably all know by now, over 250 members of the Democratic National Committee have endorsed Governor Dean to be the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Dean's election became inevitable last night when Donnie Fowler dropped out and endorsed the Governor, leaving only former representative Roemer, who has only about a dozen endorsements.

This really is huge news, because we now know that reform of the Party will be placed on a fast track, which is what we desperately need after last November. And it is certainly nice to win one!

DFA Burlington asked us to send letters to the Editor supporting the Governor. If you take a look at David Brooks' column in today's NY TImes, it's clear the Republicans are now going to start attacking the Governor, so it's just as important as ever to send those letters out. To send a letter to the Post Star, email Managing Editor Ken TIngley at . There is a 300 word limit. It doesn't have to be fancy, just tell people what a great job you think he is going to do.

2. We had another great Meetup Wednesday night at the Bakehouse Cafe. Former Glens Falls Community Development Director Roy Thomas formally declared his intention to run for the 4th Ward seat on the Glens Falls Common Council. He answered many questions and it was a very informative night.

3. We are still hearing a great deal of fluff about the election in Iraq. What we have not heard is what we have gotten for the terrible sacrifice of over 1400 America lives and over 10,000 maimed for life, to say nothing of 100,000 dead Iraqius and $200 billion blown.

Shiite religious parties closely tied to Iran are on the verge of a sweeping victory. Al-Sistani, their leader, owns his life to the Iranian mullahs, who gave him refuge for many years from Saddam when we in fact were backing Saddam. Don't think he's forgotten that. They have made it clear that they intend to create an Islamic State. Goodbye minority rights, goodbye women's rights, goodbye secularism, goodbye civil society. It is a mess almost beyond comprehension. According to Sharif Ali bin Hussein, head of the Constitutional Monarchy Party, the vote outcome was a "Sistani tsunami" that would shake the nation. " And, "Americans are in for a shock," he said, adding that one day they would realize, "We've got 150,000 troops here protecting a country that's extremely friendly to Iran, and training their troops."


For more:

Also, there's a major new Congressional Democrat website from Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid. You can also sign up for email updates, too. Go to:

4. Finally, on the lighter side: Telebushie!

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I dunno, it just made me laugh.

Enjoy this glorious weather!

My best,

Larry Dudley

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