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Friday, June 17, 2005
Fault Lines
Cracks are beginning to appear in the once seemingly solid Republican facade. President Bush , who claimed that his 1% electoral victory gave him a "mandate" and "political capital" is now attacking Democrats as obstructionists. This is a curious accusation for a President whose party controls both houses of congress with substantial majorities. It is not the Democrats who are to blame, but rebel republicans, who sensing that the Bush ship is sinking, are fleeing like rats.
First the judicial filibuster compromise signaled that some republicans (who unlike Bush have to run for reelection) were rethinking their close alignment to the radical elements of their party. Next the republican controlled house passed a bill promoting stem cell research. The senate appears posed to pass a similar bill. Then the Down street memo began to gain some traction in the press. Yesterday Democrats held hearings on the memo and then traveled to the White House to present a petition calling on Bush to answer questions about the memo-the petition was signed by over 500,000 Americans. Bush Press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters that the memo was nothing new and that the 911 commission had reviewed the memo and found nothing of substance in it. This was quite interesting because the memo surfaced long after the commission had presented their work.
Also on thursday 4 congressman (2 dems, 2 repubs) introduced a resolution calling on Bush to present a plan for troop withdrawal from Iraq. One of the sponsors, Walter Jones (R) was formerly a supporter of the war and the author of the "Freedom fries" resolution. Next came the results of the Terry Schiavo autopsy, which proved that Schiavo was not only in a vegetative state, but also blind from her brain damage. Senate Majority Leader Bill "the cat killer" Frist said this ended the debate even though video doctor Frist had claimed that he observed Schiavo responding to visual stimuli while he, Bush and Tom Delay meddled in the personal affairs of Schiavo's family.
And to end this post the controversy over Governor Dean's comments about republicans: Shadow president Dick Cheney attacked Dean's comments and said they would hurt Democrats. If that is the case then why comment at all? Why not sit back and watch Dean 'damage' the party? Obviously the experts at smear , who brought us the Swift boat veterans, can dish it out , but not take it. Dean's very truthful comments have the republicans very worried. With their domestic and foreign policy failures belonging completely to Bush (can't blame Clinton this time around) the prospect of a united and emboldened Democratic party terrifies this administration almost as much as having the public learn about the lies and corruption sure to exposed as republicans run for cover, leaving Bush high and dry.

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