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Democracy For The Southern Adirondack/Tricounty Area
Monday, February 07, 2005
Political Enemies
Democrats have always been eager to reach out across the aisle to the opposition. This has degenerated to the point where many Democrats and Progressives are eager to find something--anything--they can credit their enemies with in order to appear Civil, as Non Obstructionists. For the Democrat Leadership Council (DLC) and its members, like Senator Joseph Lieberman who just voted to support a defender of torture for Attorney General, "moderation" is the word. This refusal to stand and stoutly defend has had terrible, terrible consequences.
Thomas Jefferson, the founder of our party, addressed this in a letter to Henry Dearborne, Poplar Forest, August 14, 1811:
"Political Enemies: Let them have justice, and protection against personal violence, but no favor. Powers & preeminences conferred on them are daggers put into the hands of assassins, to be plunged into our own bosoms in the moment the thrust can go home to the heart. Moderation can never reclaim them. They deem it timidily & despise without fearing the tameness from which it flows."
Thank God we have Dean. Now the rest of us have to follow suite.

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